Ford Becomes “Official Vehicle” of King of the Hammers. Will the Bronco Be There?

Ford is taking another step in its ongoing push into trucks, SUVs and off-road vehicles, by becoming the “Official Vehicle” of the King of The Hammers and ULTRA4 extreme off-road racing series.

In Ford’s press release, Ford indicates that Johnson Valley in California, the location of the King of The Hammers race, is also a test bed for the all-new Ford Bronco.

The event, with the signature race of ULTRA4, an international race organization developing vehicles for disciplines including rock crawling, high-speed desert racing and short course events, would be a fitting place to tease the 2021 Bronco, if even only in prototype form.

As demand for rugged trucks and SUVs ramps up, Ford is looking to promote its expanding portfolio of highly capable off-road vehicles by stepping up to sponsor more extreme motorsports competitions.

Be sure to look out for the event which takes place on February 8, 2020, as we all stand by to see if the 2021 Bronco makes a cameo appearance.