Ford Bronco Slated for 2020 According to UAW Sources

The Detroit Free Press has reported that the UAW (United Auto Workers) union’s tentative agreement with Ford Motor Company, which calls for a $9 billion investment committed to its U.S. plants, includes a new Ford Ranger slated for 2018 and the revival of the Bronco nameplate for 2020.

Specifically, Freep notes that sources familiar with the negotiations have told them that the $700 million investment earmarked for the Michigan Assembly plant includes:

“Michigan Assembly: $700 million investment with a new product to be added in 2018, expected to be the Ford Ranger, followed by the revival of the Ford Bronco SUV by 2020. The stamping plant will continue to support the Ford Focus and C-Max families of vehicles until they are moved elsewhere in 2018.”

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