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Everybody in the state of Arkansas with a Bronco is welcome to join!
Hossamus Prime
Got my window sticker today, looks like blend date of next Friday. As someone who works in MFG, Friday is not the ideal choice, but I'll take what I can get.

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Just as an FYI from an Arkansas Bronco guy, I had a blend week of 8/30, build date on widows sticker of 9/3. I received my built email on 9/6 shipped 9/9. It went by rail to OK City with an estimated delivery to Randall ford of between 9/24 and 9/30. My tracker moved to receipt date estimated at 10/4. I THINK it is on a truck headed to Ft.Smith now, but not 100%.

Anyway, I got anxious with a Friday 9/3 date and not hearing anything for several days... and now waiting for delivery. thought I would share and will follow up when mine arrives to give some time estimates
Hossamus Prime
Hossamus Prime
Yeah, I'm not really expecting to see it until thanksgiving probably. I'm just excited something is happening.
Oh I understand! I had a big trip planned this past week and was really wanting it to come in. Thought it would be here when I got back today but got bumped to Monday. A lot of people on the 8/30 build week got them quicker.

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