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JJ Bronco
Asking for some insight:

I received this a while back from my dealership, and I'm wondering if this actually means anything?

Does this document say that I will not be paying a dealer markup? And I'll be paying the MSRP listed on this form?

Or does this document really mean nothing because it's not something more official?

Any insight would be appreciated
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That's what mine looked like. I, however, also had an email that they stated MSRP.
That's probably enough for a lawyer to send a threat if they try to charge more. They had you sign that, right? That shows intent.
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@Alpha1_Silverback I'll take your word for it, as the experienced industry insider, here, but the fact that there's a BASE + Options MSRP, then a line for Discounts, and then a line for Total, I would think it was designed as a promise-to-pay type contract. I saw one of these where ADM was added as an option line-item. While only signed by one party, they can be enforced both ways. Why include a price at all if it is just for the order?

I guess saying "send a threat" is the wrong choice of words, what I really mean is that someone with the access to free legal representation could probably have it enforced, but otherwise it probably wouldn't be worth the expense.

As for how you worked with your customers, I like your style! I remember reading some of your posts about that a while back.
JJ Bronco
JJ Bronco
@Alpha1_Silverback so should I ask for a purchase agreement on to what the final price will be? Is that the correct verbiage to use?

Now they verbally told me it'll be MSRP but clearly I don't have anything in writing based upon your analysis. Thank you so much.
@JJ Bronco yes ask for a signed purchase agreement. Showing what the selling price will be as well as any fees. It will show purchase price, doc fee, taxes, plate/registration fees and then the FINAL out the door price!

Some dealers will sign it some wont. But you should sign it there at the store and get a copy of it.
I agree with you, it would appear that it an agreement, with the base + options, discounts and total lines. What that actually is base + options is straight forward, the discount line, is where FORD will apply discounts based on the region the customer is in. EX: the escape has a 2.0L discount, an AWD regional discount. That is then subtracted from the total to give you the actual MSRP.

What you have there is simply an Order Summary. If you were aplan for example, your dealer could have the Aplan selling price on there as well. It will actually show A/z plan, D plan and Xplan. Yes even Xplan although FORD is not accepting Xplan on the Bronco.

I am not an attorney nor do I pretend to know actual law, and maybe there is a way to get the dealership to honor MSRP, all I am saying is that the ORDER SUMMARY you have, is not a guaranteed selling price.

I mentioned that some of my customers did not have a signed purchase order, but some have what you have there, the order summary with MSRP circled and signed by me and them!

Sorry I wish I had better news! And again I hope your dealer acts accordingly and treats you right!

I try to treat the customer with respect! I am a customer just like everyone else! I just have a little more inside info and I try to make sure all my customers, whether they buy or not, is treated right!

This is a trying time for everyone! No one asked for it, and no one expected it! No reason to take advantage of anyone!

Do you know if your dealer is charging you ADM?
JJ Bronco
JJ Bronco
I was verbally told MSRP.

I'm going to reach back out to them to try to finalize a price. I have no reason to believe necessarily that they will be unscrupulous.

Alpha1, is there a certain document I should ask for like a purchase order or a final price agreement?

Something that binds me and them on the price?
@JJ Bronco either of thsoe...each dealership calls it something different. I call it a pre-purchase agreement or a buyers order. Anything that shows sale price, tax, fees and Total!
No, I should be good. I was originally with a local dealer, but when Ford took away X Plan, I moved to Granger. I hate haggling and dealing with uncertainty. Not the most convenient for most people probably, but they're close to where my dad lives, so I get to make it a visit.

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