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Its HERE and well worth the wait Michiganders! Got to ring this bell at the dealership when I took delivery.

Big Bend with Mid package and tow, signature lighting, tube steps, oxford white with sandstone/black interior. July 2020 reservation, January 2021 order, delayed builds in July, August, September, October . Actual build 10/28/2021, delayed shipping until 11/30/2021, purchase 12/1/2021.

I am a virgin off road driver so for now if I am off road its by accident LOL. We are leasing but I cant see myself ever giving this back to Ford. Interesting and a bit uncomfortable having people hang next to you or ride your bumper on the highway to take pictures of your vehicle .......quieter and smoother ride than I expected. Not like a SUV but WAY WAY better than a Jeep. I have the 2.3L ecoboost but it has lots of power and doesnt lag in the least. Dont like the lane assist so turned that off. Auto high beams are nice but not great in suburban 2 way road areas. Going on and off frequently with intermittent traffic so it appears you are flashing your brights at the oncoming traffic. Liked it on the highway though. The side windows reflect more than a passenger car so that is a bit weird to get used to when its dark. Was pleasantly surprised the heated seats are not only the bottom cushion but the backs of the seat as well.
Seats are manual adjusting but very comfortable and raise up high enough for my small figure. Steering wheel telescopes and up and down so that helps us shorties too. This Bronco fits me like a glove . Its big without feeling like a tank, feels tight and very easily maneuverable. Everything I hoped for.

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