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I did not see a MN or surrounding states so started this club! All are welcome, main focus on Ford Broncos and anything related!
Hey all,

Hope everyone's summer has been going well. This past weekend my family was going on a quick trip up to Duluth. I knew we'd pass near the Gandy Dancer trail so I convinced my wife to hit up some trails before getting to our final destination.

Wow! What fun! I underestimated the time it'd take and the route I have highlighted ended up taking us about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I wanted to keep going but the family was a little more impacted by the jostling around from the trails (specifically my 6 year old whose feet don't hit the floor yet).

A few things I learned:
- I was way too nervous because it was just us. I'd like to go with others in the future which would make me feel more comfortable.
- We had the top back for 5 minutes but the misquotes were horrible, I put the top up but left the windows out. Even like that the amount of dust you get in the vehicle is crazy. Definitely makes me want MGV in my next Bronco.
- I'm pretty sure I was supposed to have my Bronco Off-Road registered with the MN DNR. I did not and research since I'm 99% sure I needed that to have been on those roads. I need to get that taken care of before I go again.
- The Mallard lake trail was WAY better than the Gandy Dancer. I like the GD trail but it is just a flat dirt/gravel road....more so cool for the site seeing than the off-roading. It looks like there is a lot more off shoot roads like the Mallard Lake that you can take off the Gandy Dancer I'd like to check out.
- The Mallard Lake trail was more what I think of when I think of Off-Roading. This is the section of the trail that made me want to have others out there with me. Nothing particularly difficult (my Big Bend w/o lockers did it all) but if I had gotten stuck well I would've been screwed cause I saw a total of 4 other people on ATV/Dirt bikes. Lots of bigger rocks, several muddy areas, small hills with little clearance on either side.
- Next time I'd like to bring a tree trimming tool or two. There were several times I had branches on the vehicle. No major scratches but I'd prefer to just lop the bigger ones off next time.

A couple pictures:
My trail I took
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I'm also going to be in that area over July 2-4 if anyone would be interested in a meet up and getting a few hours in on the trails.
Thats awesome! I've been wanting to do some trails in that area! Me and another guy from the forum took some forest roads in that area over the winter (Gandy Dancer is snowmobiles only in winter) but I've been wanting to go back and try some other trails. Good to hear that there is more fun to be had than just the flat dirt road that is Gandy.

The wife and I are still figuring out our plans for July 2, so I might hit you up before then if we end up having some time to get off the pavement in that area.
@Julz670 For sure, keep me posted. It’d be fun to get out! If any others are interested let me know.

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