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  1. I used to be on the Bronco reservation list but bought a Jeep.

    The vinyl is in immaculate shape for a 1987! Not sun faded or cracked.
  2. I used to be on the Bronco reservation list but bought a Jeep.

    It's got a little rust on one side but is pretty solid. Only has about 85k on it and came with a folder of repair qnd maintenance records. Its just the 2wd so just plan on cleaning it up and having a fun truck to haul mulch or whatever. I'm in the Midwest so plan on coating the underside.
  3. I used to be on the Bronco reservation list but bought a Jeep.

    I still am on the Bronco reservation list but I used to be on it too.
  4. What soap do you use?

    The Squatch pine tar is pretty good but Packer's pine tar is the best if you're into smelling like a camp fire.
  5. 2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    Does the vinyl come in a lighter color and is it available on all trims?
  6. Ford wants your Bronco questions - Post it here

    @BroAD Are there lighter color options for the vinyl? Is the vinyl only available on Black Diamond and Badlands trim?
  7. The Ideal Overland 2021 Bronco Build

    I'm thinking about doing the same minus the squanch. Leaning towards 2.7 but would like to see the mpg numbers. I'm not sure if I would like the 35s on long road trips and for what I do im not sure I would need them. Can also easily upgrade to 35s with the badlands I think. Would like to add...

    I have a badlands reservation with them and they've been great so far. Can confirm looks like they will honor xplan and have no markup.
  9. How many reservations has your dealer received?

    Mine said over 100 when I asked. He was very surprised and was hoping ford can keep up. He's also reserving one himself.
  10. SO MANY QUESTIONS! How about some answers?

    I wish the marine vinyl, larger screen and speakers were options on more trims. Was thinking black diamond for the vinyl but the lux package isn't available for that so I have to go up to a badlands to get the speakers.
  11. [LOCKED] FORD ANNOUNCEMENT: Reservations shutting down in a couple hours!

    Had the same thing on mobile but my laptop still worked and looks like I reserved a 4door badlands.
  12. Which trim Bronco do you think this will be?

    Would love to see this but in cyber orange. Cyber orange with the white marine vinyl interior and white top would be awesome.