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  1. Headlight Lumens?

    This video is a year old, but still helpful in visualizing the utility and brightness of cube style LED pods. I'd go for the Diode Dynamics SS3 SAE Sport for value and performance vs the BD SAE. The Squadron Sport is pretty comparable to the DD SS3 Sport, in my opinion.
  2. Headlight Lumens?

    The answer to this largely depends on placement and mission. Are you looking to get the wide-throw functionality of OEM foglights on the lower bumper? Then the SAE Squadrons mounted low would make a lot of sense. If you're after the most light, then bumper or bull bar mounted Squadron Sport...
  3. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    Hah, I ain't shipping it, that's an excuse for a killer road trip. Might be picking up an ultralight toy hauler on that trip to bring back as well.
  4. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    Well, I'm 99% Kendall isn't going to match 2K under Invoice, so I haven't made plans to switch. Interested to see your experiences up here, as well as mods if you start a build thread.
  5. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    Hmm. Did you order local? My reservation is Outside.
  6. White Stripes on AMB!

    If I ended up with AMB, mine was going to be blood red, for the USMC blood stripe, with a white vinyl wrap for the top.
  7. Would you? New bronco grill lights!

    How about a kit in the same font that just spells FORD and a couple blanks that match the specialty lighting? I'd rather have a grill that throws back to my old 75, to go with that script badge on the fender.
  8. Bronco Raptor Imaged with FORD Grille

    No, thank you.
  9. Test Drove a Bronco Badlands & Wrangler 4xe Rubicon

    I'm intrigued. I hadn't even really considered the fun/utility factor of a hybrid but that video really made the case for me, even with the shit offroad range.
  10. Soft Tops In Dirt Mountain?

    The wavy-ass rear window, that's how. 😅
  11. Modular Bumper Fog Kit from Baja Designs

    There are a couple of competitors that have a Squadron and S2 sized offering. I'd be willing to bet that @Baja Designs offers the bracket alone for existing BD owners at some point once the competition comes out with their own bracket... not much advantage in doing a competitors work for them.
  12. For those who ordered Rapid Red...

    Is there one for Anti-Available Blue?
  13. Modular Bumper Fog Kit from Baja Designs

    All @Baja Designs lights are modular. You can pop the lens out and change them later if the all-amber ones are not available when you're ready to order. Flush bezels, covers, lenses, and Weatherpac-style plugs and harnesses are all also available separately if you wanted to change the operation...
  14. Bronco Reservations Resume October. MY2022 Order Bank Also Opens in October.

    "I love deadlines. I love the "whooshing" sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams. Ford Motor Company.