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    Bronco test driver engineer gives some feedback (white and gray grille and tops coming)

    Hope we get chrome, not just the silver we’ve seen. Ford I hope you’re listening.
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    First Edition Bronco bumped up to 7,000 production limit!

    He’s right. FE will have more than just Navy option interior. Anyone who believes first edition will have only one interior color... well... I just don’t know what to say. Just wait a couple more weeks and see.
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    Missed opportunity for heritage package with white top, fenders, grille

    Nice. I remember hearing rumblings of a ‘66 package, or some kind of retro package. Hope this is what you’re alluding to.
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    Mystery blue color: can anyone identify?

    This is cactus grey. Look at the colors they’ve used most for 2 door and you’ll see cyber orange, look at what they’ve used the most for 4 door and it’s cactus grey. What’s making this hard is that this photo is from dusk or dawn and that gold hue is making the color appear different.(I’m...
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    Hacked Configurator Images of 2021 Bronco Exteriors / Interiors Color and Trims

    What’s the link for this one? Can you add Sasquatch to it?
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    Reservation Links - THEY GO LIVE AT 8PM EDT

    I need help reserving a first edition, who can help?
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    Leaked List of Colors Rendered + Poll: Your Choice?

    I’ve been hoping for one the mystery colors to be a baby/powder blue gloss or mint green gloss. If no dice, I think cactus for me.
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    This is It! 2021 Bronco With Top Off, Doors Removed, Sand In

    Can anyone help me track this down? I know we are about to find out Monday, but I’d love to know if this was someone with inside knowledge, or just speculation. Hope they’re temovebale!
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    Today’s Teaser: Ford Bronco Stickers Preview Paint Colors and Trims

    I’ve looked at the color swatches IG teaser post (the one you can swipe through) way too much, and I’m starting to think most people would naturally focus on the background colors, but I’d put money that the sticker color in the top right corner (The mint green Johnson Valley Testing sticker)...
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    2 door Bronco mule spotted in Breckenridge CO

    No tie-downs on this one.
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    Grabber Blue 2021 Bronco 4-Door Preview Renderings

    I really want to see this, who can render? Gut says will make it look/feel much more old school.
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    Bronco6G's 2021 Bronco in Production Colors, Painted and White Top, Flares, Grille [Preview Renderings]

    While not the colors, this is the type of paint I want: flat, non-glittery/metallic. Hope we get some that look/feel like the first-gen color palates. Can we get a couple of those mocked up? My dream is one in baby blue/soft blue with a tan/brown leather interior.