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    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    Navy Pier interior makes some sense with Lightning Blue imho.
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    If you're Ford, which trim do you tool your line for 1st?

    It takes more workers to assemble more complex content. Based on personal experience, they build a mix to even out the work load. I voted base though they could opt to do FE at a snails pace. :eek:
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    Is the Black Modular Roof worth it on a 2-door? $1,900?? (Already has hard top)

    I worked at a Ford assembly plant for 22yrs, another brand for 12yrs. Including 5 new model launches with Ford and 3 with brand X. And yes I have painted cars, so what? That has absolutely nothing to do with mass producing automotive parts. I also reload ammunition but it would be foolish to...
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    Is the Black Modular Roof worth it on a 2-door? $1,900?? (Already has hard top)

    Smitty's body shop yes. Automotive paint shops all use drying ovens, usually 3 times.
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    Is the Black Modular Roof worth it on a 2-door? $1,900?? (Already has hard top)

    Painted tops require a separate (costly) paint line/process imho. unless these tops can survive a trip through a 400 degree paint oven.
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    BWI Bronco Stabilizer Bar Disconnect Technical Information

    beautifully simple, thanks op. I was envisioning rube goldburg.
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    2.3 Modifications from Ford Performance

    Just one minor update Current Mustang High Performance Pack - 330hp 350ftlb From the factory, another version of the RS motor. With a 5% bigger turbo then the 310hp Mustang.
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    2.3L reliability

    Love the sarcasm lol People need to think about this for a minute. Why would a dealer want to stick it to a potential repeat customer or lose a repair fee? It's not the dealer, they live or die on repair money, it's Ford. Whenever a warranty comes in it goes into the Ford computer system by...
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    2.3L reliability

    Exactly. That's where the whole thing started. I haven't seen any explanation as to why VW specifically has/had issues but do know it is/was a problem with more than one particular engine. It's sold thousands of oil catch cans, pretty cheap peace of mind for those that worry about it. I've seen...
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    Independent Suspension vs. Solid Axle Suspension :) (GIF Examples)

    feel free to show a vid of a sfa doing high speed offroading. it's a tough find.
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    Why go 4-door unless you have to?

    Pretty much designed as a 4 door from the start and it shows. If not for the 4dr there would be no 2dr, sales would kill it.
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    Performing engine break in period during long delivery roadtrip?

    Launch control LOL, good one :LOL:
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    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    I'm even wondering about the long term viability of the Gladiator currently being discounted as much as $9K and hearing the Dakota is coming back in 2022, sharing the Gladiator chassis. Chevy has the Bison, Ford just announced the 2021 Ranger Tremor so one might expect Dodge would feel compelled...
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    What soap do you use?

    Dawn, all my money goes for important things. Cars, boats, guns etc.