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  1. One more Cactus Grey thread

    I had just stopped by the Ford local dealer and stared at the Cactus Grey Bronco Sport for a long time. I CAN CONFIRM that the color swatch your received is very very dark Think of the cement gray offered on the trd 4runners I guess this pic also helps because there’s the silver car in the...
  2. Custom painted calipers w/ SAS package?

    honestly, that ain’t a bad game plan either I don’t blame ya! Painting calipers is a “I have nothing better do” kind of weekend project. enjoy your wildtrak and if you happen to do a crazy BBK swap post up pics *6months later: the first wildtrak to rock GT500 brakes LOL!
  3. Custom painted calipers w/ SAS package?

    If you’re going for aesthetics, I’d take a look and see if you can retrofit brembos from a higher trim mustang, focus rs, hell take a look at the raptor calipers. Cool thing is that they all can be ordered from the dealership. extra scene points for OEM+ I’d save the money and paint them...
  4. Brakes? Nobody talking about the Bronco brakes...

    If it’s stopping power you need, size is a factor but with the right pads and fluids will make the biggest of differences. My FJ had full armor and 34’s and the truck would easily cook the OEM pads. Swapped them out for Hawk LTS pads and never looked back. My truck would stop about 15 feet...
  5. New to Off-Roading, What do I do?

    Welcome to the world of off-roading! I encourage you to take your Bronco out but got with someone experienced (as someone previously mentioned) and a few other trucks. But until we got our rigs, I’d recommend going to YouTube and watching 24/7 4WD. It’s an Australian show where they overland...
  6. Let’s have the discussion... what’s the point of the warthog?

    If the Raptor was built to take on the Baja and high speed desert runs I think the Warthog is being built for a King of Hammers style platform. A mix of high speed+ crawling Badlands + Wildtrak
  7. Spotted: Bronco Warthog marked as "Warthog" by Ford engineers

    I’m a little salty because I’ve always wanted a Raptor but the thing is massive to park on the street and trail. Don’t even get me started on our Badlands/ Wildtraks not getting the Fox Live Valves. However I might be ok with not getting the Warthog for this logic Mustang GT350= badlands/...
  8. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Hello fellow future East Coast Bronco owners! I need some assistance looking for a dealer in NY/NJ to possibly switch my reservation to. I’ll be flying in from California with the intention of doing a road trip back. What I’m looking for: -A dealer within a 1 hour radius of Newark, La...
  9. Confirmed- Velocity Blue Bronco available at launch

    Ford needs to let this guy go. He misrepresents the Bronco brand and has mislead us so many times. It’s as if he tweets with no repercussions
  10. Northern California dealership discussion

    Damn so much to catch up on But question about about dealers here. I’m starting to get cold feet with buying from Serramonte. @Boston182 where are y’all trying to get yours? I have a second reso with ChrispyKC in Kansas City and might follow through with that.
  11. Aux Switch Uses - Ideas??

    1. The main lady 2. The side lady 3. The other side lady 4. The backup of the other side lady 5. A case of beer because none of the ladies showed up (btw I don't have a lady so all of the above is a very fictional scenario)
  12. On board Air

    Couple factors to keep in mind: If you plan on sticking with 33’s a single compressor is perfect. If you plan on going 35’s or above a single compressor will take forever to air those bad boys up If you want fast air up a power tank will be the best solution. You can also air up a bunch of...
  13. What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    I asked my wife what she thought and then I woke up from my sleep.... Only to find out that I’m forever alone and don’t have a wife to ask?
  14. Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    That lower link part is where my FJ always gets hung up on. I bought some skids for it and they have done their job wonderfully
  15. 2021 Bronco Build & Price pre-launch waiting room

    Damn maybe he was drunk at a Sunday BBQ