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  1. Calling out Bronco Folding tail Gate mod!

    and the spare is WHERE ? on my 08 F 150 it's under the truck bed btwn(basically) the rear tires underneath .....SUCKS 👎
  2. Calling out Bronco Folding tail Gate mod!

    THAT, right there, is what I live for 🥰
  3. 2022 Bronco Colors Online - no Green (yet)

    in the OP's pic.....WTH is area 51 there ? looks green to me ??

    don't know here.....those colors telling me funeral procession or something, those black wheels..... doesn't do it for me and I had an 88 Bronco ll in silver 😬
  5. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    I'll buy that green but with a FLAT finish.....with the gray MIC top so there 🍻
  6. MT's only option on..... my situation I'll need mileage over terrains really like the BFG KO2's (E) I have on my 08 F150, run them @ 65lbs decent mileage guess I'll have to buy them and swap 'em out .....
  7. MT's only option on.....

    Sasquatch ? .....would prefer AT's as I'll be doing MOSTLY highway miles.....thanks 🍺
  8. My Takeaways From the Garnet Ford Dealer Event (West Chester, PA)

    just saw those 2 same Bronco's @ Kennedy Ford, in Conshy.....can the drivers seat be raised up ? seemed like I had a bit of trouble seeing over the hood in the drivers seat, I have a much better view over the hood in my 08' F 150..... maybe they were at the lowest position ? thanks 🍻
  9. When does anyone expect MY22 paint colors to be released?

    Ford, I have $$ me this green with a gray MIC top, and it's yours
  10. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    actually no .....look, we're swapping engines and you're footing the bill ..... thanks 🍻
  11. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    my 2008 F 150 4X4 5.4L V8 gets 9/10 city - 15 highway :cry: I'll be happy as sh*t if my Bronco gets 20.1 mpg 😋
  12. What Green color for 2022?

    could one of you "a lot smarter then me" PC experts configure a new Bronco with Terrain Green with a gray MIC top , need a new screensaver ? ;) 🍺