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  1. Black Diamond vs Badlands

    Auto body paint, vinyl wraps, spray-on bedliner, and hell, even cans of spray paint beg to differ.
  2. 2.3 EcoBoost vs 2.7 EcoBoost - Poll

    I still learned some things from the discussion, though, so that's something.
  3. Okc/OK check in?

    Wikipedia can be correct and still not have the full picture.
  4. Okc/OK check in?

    It depends on who is drawing the regions. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: Emphasis mine. The US Bureau of Economic Analysis also considers the Southwest to be Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, as does the US Fish & Wildlife Service. The terrain and weather in Oklahoma west...
  5. Okc/OK check in?

    Hi! Welcome to geography class! Oklahoma is located in the Southwestern region of the United States, along with Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Thank you for your question.
  6. Camouflaged topper on Bronco prototype a pop-up camper roof tent or power soft top?

    You: "Hey, babe, wanna go to my place?" Her: "Sure!" You: *starts deploying the rooftop tent*
  7. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    It's called "being poor."
  8. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    Yep. There are certain things I'm willing to do on my own, certain things I'm willing to have done at a shop, and certain things I'd rather have done at the factory. Gearing is a thing I'd rather have done at the factory.
  9. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    All true. Some of us have bad knees and can't take mashing on a clutch repeatedly, though. :(
  10. Spiders if I always leave the top off?

    I'd be calling the base flamethrower dudes. Burn that shit. I'll buy another with the insurance money.
  11. First SUV will be a Bronco. What should I know?

    I guarantee Oklahoma roads will put that claim to the test.
  12. To Sasquatch or not to Sasquatch, lots of Cons!

    Squatch comes with more than just the 35" tires. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that 35" tires might be the least important part of the Sasquatch package, even though they're the most visible thing. Squatch also comes with: 1. Dana 210 front suspension. 2. Front locker. 3. Rear locker. 4...
  13. Ford Bronco Cargo Space Calculation with Rear Seats Folded Down

    Yeah, I'd have to lay caddy corner in there to fit, and I'm not a tall guy.
  14. Is the new Bronco a "classless" vehicle?

    I understood that reference.
  15. Build and Price for 2021 Bronco soon?

    I think it will "Go live" on August 31, but that it will get slammed so hard by people trying to use it that it will crash and won't be truly available until mid September.