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  1. That horrendous "sport" bar and b pillar on the 2 door.

    I'll wait to see it in person before I buy new blades for my grinder and sawzall. Chances are the aftermarket will jump right in and solve all the major complaints right off the bat. The aesthetics of the factory cage are likely more dictated by liability and legal standards, there may not...
  2. Misprint or fixing what was broken?

    Maybe that's one of the ways they're keeping the price down on the 2D. I would probably want both the modular hard top and a soft top... I'll have to see the HT in person to make a choice. If it's flexible and easy enough I could maybe do without a soft top.
  3. Don't See Many Negative Articles Like This.

    All the opinions turn to dust on the trail. Your machine either performs, or it doesn't. Completing the trail is the benchmark, not the spreadsheet of specifications of the vehicle you choose to complete it in. Both Wrangler and Bronco are specialty vehicles, and both make compromises in some...
  4. 4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    The 2.7 sucks? Because you want the stick with it, I guess? I agree that part is unfortunate, BUT to complain the the stick isn't available with the 2.7 has a point: Ford should have engineered the 7-speed to be compatible with the 2.7 as well as the 2.3. I personally don't care for a stick...
  5. 4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    Really? I've always wondered why people complain about having options, especially when it is an option they aren't interested in. I just don't understand the point. If you don't feel the 2.3 liter is for you, move along. "Cloth interior? WTF are they thinking!? That isn't going to cut it...
  6. 2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    Cooler outside air temperatures affect viscosity at operating temperatures? I would have guessed that either the fluids are at operating temperature or not, and thus viscosity equal to or closely similar to that of warmer operating temperatures.
  7. The "Hanging on by a thread" thread.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but packages are nothing more than a convenient manner of grouping commonly-paired individual options (and sometimes at a discount). Do we know for a fact that we cannot order individual options a la carte (dependencies considered, like sunroof on a soft top)? In the...
  8. Clueless Dealer said to come in for test drive

    And the amazing thing is, the people with such a poor understanding of their own product and process are successful.
  9. Oxford White thread

    Probably the easiest color to do a wrap on to mimic the vintage two-tones.
  10. Jeep [Trolls Bronco With] Reveals 6.4-liter V-8 Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

    Meh. If Jeep wants to put a V8 in Wrangler, it ups the bar for Ford (if they choose to see it that way). If it took the reintroduction of Bronco to make Jeep up their game, maybe it will take a V8 Wrangler to make Ford step up again. My reply to any Jeep owner who sings "neener neener neener...
  11. Expect More Unanswered Questions After The Reveal!

    I would NOT expect a configurator tomorrow. My recollection is that Ford has said "later", once they get close to job one. The above-referenced document tends to reinforce that.
  12. Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    I'm not necessarily choosing a new Bronco. If it lives up to my hopes, then I'm probably in. Having had at least seven Broncos so far, it is partially a nostalgia thing and partially a desire to not be driving another Rubicon like those I see by the dozens daily. I'm sure the Bronco will...
  13. Let's do this the easy way ***UPDATED***

    My guess is this "new" guy and Crispy are on a first-name basis with each other.
  14. Today’s Teaser: Ford Bronco Stickers Preview Paint Colors and Trims

    Ima need a new garage AND a new walk-in closet.
  15. Bronco Offroadeo Driving School Locations

    Looks like one will be within a two-hour drive of me. The circle around the southeast site appears to center on an area northwest of Phoenix - dependent on how accurate the graphic is.
  16. Any ideas if the bronco will have issues when they first roll out?

    Incredibly complex machine New design, built on a new production line Designed, and built by humans Prone to misuse by human end-users Humans have an unshakable track record of incorrectly engineering, assembling, and operating machinery. How could there possibly be a problem?
  17. Bronco KeyPad?

    I once slammed my ignition key in the tailgate of my GMC and bent it pretty badly - I was lucky to be able to bend it back (hammering it with a rock) enough without breaking it to be able to get it into the ignition. It was bent nearly 90*. The fob opened the door, but I didn't have a spare...
  18. Bronco reveal has officially been delayed until July

    I think FCA and everyone else is facing the same delays as Ford in that respect. On the other hand, I feel like July is too far. While it isn't the best idea to reveal in the middle of a cycle of bad news, people would probably cherish some good news. Unfortunately, there is no "right" answer.
  19. Bronco reveal has officially been delayed until July

    Then... in theory, it can simultaneously have IFS and SFA.