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  1. Battle of the Blues. Watcha getting?

    Antimatter all the way but I’m not reserving and it seems like Imma have to wait for the second model year, which was the plan all along. If there’s even a hint that grabber blue will be available then I’ll wait for it cause it’s definitely worth it
  2. First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    AM blue is still my top choice. The blue is clearly there and it can be a prominent blue as shown in the F150, this just seems like a bad angle but even here you can see the blue metallic come out im loving it
  3. Antimatter Blue Thread

    The new f150 King Ranch was presented in antimatter blue. looks like my blue mustang and while it is a pain to clean I absolutely love the color and it will be my choice for the bronco. none of the other colors convince me cause they are so ugly and grayish. If cactus was more of a blue/green...
  4. Oxford White, Carbonized Gray, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red Colors Previewed by Bronco Sport

    i think it'll look a lot better in the sun. the pic i linked does nothing for me but under the sun i have a feeling it's going to look really nice, maybe enough to convince me away from antimatter blue
  5. Oxford White, Carbonized Gray, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red Colors Previewed by Bronco Sport

    we saw Area 51 a long long time ago it's a flat blue color
  6. First Edition Bronco Will Have Navy Pier Interior Option Only

    I'm actually a fan of a dark blue exterior with red interior. but the other way around feels wrong
  7. Best Look at Marine Grade Vinyl Seats and 4-Door Bronco Rear Seats Fold Down

    I’ve seen the older broncos with the white-ish interior and geez they looked good. Gotta bring back those colors cause damn a black leather with top off in Cali Central Valley is asking for a burn. That remote start is gonna come in handy but ventilated seats would’ve been nice too
  8. Best Look at Marine Grade Vinyl Seats and 4-Door Bronco Rear Seats Fold Down

    The leaks for the interior colors (not specifically vinyl) were black, navy/black, roast/black, medium sandstone, and space grey. I agree this could be space grey because space grey is an option for iphones and it's basically a black color (like the one shown here). Light space grey interior is...
  9. First Edition Bronco bumped up to 7,000 production limit!

    The exclusivity has not been cut in half. You can't look at it as "I have one of 3500(now 7000) FE's" you gotta look at it as there are only 7000 FE's out of 250,000 Broncos and that 250,000 is going to keep increasing while the 7000 remains constant. I don't see why people are so mad about it...
  10. Homecoming! Launch Broncos (4 Door Cactus Gray & 2 Door Cyber Orange) on public display at Michigan Assembly Plant

    correct. if you go to Ford's website you can see a section titled "Custom prototypes with aftermarket accessories" which gives me the idea that literally everything on display won't be available, such as the interior, the hideous door, and sadly (hopefully I'm wrong) the white top and silver grille
  11. What's Up With The Hard Top Sound Deadening Headliner Option?

    off topic but if anyone goes to build a ford ranger and scroll to the accessories tab we can see a preview of everything that will probably be available for the bronco, like bike racks, roof racks, kayak carriers, etc... LOTS of options
  12. Build & Price Configurator for 2021 Bronco Goes Live in August

    i will give Ford all my monies for that interior combo. it was so beautiful
  13. SO MANY QUESTIONS! How about some answers?

    On the pdf sheet it states that it comes standard with 32s but the 35s are optional. nothing about 33s, this is from the pdf sheet you get when you click on compare the models. However, I'm not sure if this is finalized considering there's still half a year left to start the ordering process.
  14. All Colors Rendered on 4 Door Bronco with White Tops

    honestly hoping to have the option of multiple grilles. like a black grille to go with my black soft top and a silver grille to go with my white hardtop. also curious to see if the white top will be limited to a certain trim because as of now i dont think we've seen it listed as an option in the...
  15. Badlands Bronco Thread

    I'm leaning towards outerbanks because I won't be frequently offroading but seeing that vinyl isn't an option on that trim sucks. Don't want cloth but also don't want leather in the hot sun
  16. Official 2021 Ford Bronco Info Thread: Specs, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos, Colors, Trims

    i want to see antimatter blue. if it ends up looking like Kona blue i'll take it with the white top and white/silver grille for sure
  17. Ford Bronco Short Film Announces “Built Wild” Outdoor Brand and “Off-Roadeo” Offroad Driving Schools

    idk guys the more i look at the blue bronco screengrab the more it looks like one of the silvers/grays. But it's probable that im over analyzing it
  18. Bronco Grille and Headlights Teased!

    would anyone be interested in a bronco silhouette on the grille instead of "BRONCO" kinda like the mustangs and Mach-E? It's something I've been curious about lately
  19. New Bronco Official Teaser Shows Cyber Orange, Fenders, Lights, Mirrors

    True. I'm more inclined to wait for the eventual "raptor" version of the vehichle and I know for a fact Ford are going to release exclusive colors for that trim
  20. New Bronco Official Teaser Shows Cyber Orange, Fenders, Lights, Mirrors

    i just gotta see it in Area 51 and if that doesn't satisfy then it's gonna be a grabber blue or mallard green wrap