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  1. FORD. Please build Bronco in RHD. Bronco will be HUGE in Australia.

    I would love to see the Bronco sneak it’s way into 4WD Action or whatever the show is called now. They had a Goodyear rep bring a Ranger Raptor and it was doing really well till it snapped a tie rod. I think that the Ranger Raptor made most of the obstacles look easy that it didn’t make for...
  2. SYNC 4 with Telenav will keep navigation & maps working even with no cell service

    Oh man! This just means we won’t have a chance to grab parts off abandoned Broncos in the woods because people can make their way out of the trails? 🤣 “Oh look someone with a first edition never made it out, lemme just swap grills real quick”
  3. California Check-in

    We’re Gucci! He said that he’s gonna honor MSRP on ALL models including First Edition
  4. Rear A/C Vents in 4 Door Bronco Are Located Under Seats

    Unpopular opinion: For those changing their mind on purchasing the Bronco due to lack of actual vents in the back, THANK YOU. This might mean my Bronco might get made sooner 🤣
  5. 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    @schase Update on Serramonte Ford in Colma, California: NO ADM ON ALL BRONCOS
  6. California Check-in

    Interesting because we went into the 4WD trail a few miles. No sign of a steep rock face, but it could've been further in. From what I read, the Dousey trail is difficult and takes a couple days to complete. We stopped at the campsites by the lake. It's hands down my favorite spot to camp for...
  7. Beadlock wheels questions

    I guess I haven’t wheel’d hard enough for my tire to de-bead. But I’ve ran as low as 10psi on regular wheels and I haven’t had issues
  8. California Check-in

    I’m curious to find out if they’ll add dealer fees and what not
  9. California Check-in

    It seems like 2021 is so far away from now but it would be cool to organize a wheeling trip with all the California folks. I just got back from Bald Mountain and Courtright Reservoir with a bunch of Yotas. I’d love to do the same trip with a bunch of Broncos
  10. California Check-in

    Oakland- 4 Door Badlands, between Cactus Grey and Area 51, Sasquatch Pack, mid+high options, hardtop, 2.7L+ auto Got a homie who works at Serramonte Ford. The GM sent me a text message saying he’ll honor MSRP
  11. On-The-Fly Diff. Locker-Activation?

    Not sure about the diff being activated on the fly. I know on my FJ, the transfer case must be in 4LO for you to activate the rear lockers. There is no need to stop, you can press the button while driving As for heated mirrors, so far the pre-production models have shown this to be a feature...
  12. Homecoming! Launch Broncos (4 Door Cactus Gray & 2 Door Cyber Orange) on public display at Michigan Assembly Plant

    Probably something you can order from the parts catalog from Ford. They are Fifteen52 turbomac HD's
  13. Video: 3 Broncos at Different Heights and Roof Rack on 2 Door [Updated WIth More Photos Including Cactus Gray]

    Thanks for posting these because in THESE photos the cactus grey is very grey.
  14. Removable body panels??

    So I saw that there’s quick releases for the fenders in this article: Scroll to the middle I want to get the Sasquatch package but want to run the smaller flares + 35’s like on the first edition so this will make it easy for me to trade...
  15. Video: 3 Broncos at Different Heights and Roof Rack on 2 Door [Updated WIth More Photos Including Cactus Gray]

    Thanks for breaking this down. This past weekend I had 4 friends with me and I asked the same question. They were split 50/50. Someone pointed out here that since the Sports are coming out first we can take a peek at the color before we order our trucks.
  16. Video: 3 Broncos at Different Heights and Roof Rack on 2 Door [Updated WIth More Photos Including Cactus Gray]

    I need everyone’s help on this. I’m severely colorblind and I’m between cactus grey and Area 51. The color I want is whatever is closest to cement grey offered on Toyota’s. Can someone please point me to the right color or the one closest to it.
  17. Bronco to get EyeQ4 to support Co-Pilot360 - No "Active Drive Assist"

    Real talk, I was dating a girl who didn’t understand or respect the autopilot feature in her Tesla. We were driving up hill, with the sun in our face/ windshield where the front camera is, and about the enter into the mouth of the tunnel where there’s a bend right at the beginning. She had her...
  18. Bronco to get EyeQ4 to support Co-Pilot360 - No "Active Drive Assist"

    I’ve experienced the autopilot feature on a Tesla and though I was very excited for the technology, I had to readjust my expectations. Still pleased overall Autopilot is a nice to have when you’re sitting in traffic and you plan on staying in one lane. It’s a bit jerky but very convenient and...