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  1. skiptheroad

    Anyone prefer the smaller tire look?

    This reminds me of my Mom's '73 Bronco which was the diamond blue color. It had G78-15 tire's which are about 28" tall and it pretty much went anywhere my parents wanted to take it. Just to put things into perspective. ;)
  2. skiptheroad

    2024 Bronco Pickup Truck Rendered

    We had early Broncos when I was growing up on 36 mile road. My mom worked at the Romeo post office and used her Bronco to deliver mail, an early 70's then later a '76 Bronco with the Explorer Package. Both of her Broncos came standard with a drop down rear tailgate and the swing away tire...
  3. skiptheroad

    2024 Bronco Pickup Truck Rendered

    Yup, Jeep designers managed to get it right 70 years ago and one other time with the 2005 Gladiator concept.
  4. skiptheroad

    2024 Bronco Pickup Truck Rendered

    Put me down for one. I don't see any down side to it being a "modded Wrangler" for what I'd use it for, off-roading in the tight two track trails of northern Michigan, light duty hauling on the farm, cruising the Silver Lake sand dunes, etc. I wouldn't expect to pull a 20+ foot camper with...
  5. skiptheroad

    Just remember - this is a rival, not a clone (to Jeep Wrangler)

    Did you mean to say starting with the JL? The Jeep Wranglers JK hoods are not made of aluminum, at least mine isn't. Actually, I can't think of a single part on my JKUR that is made from aluminum. Jeep started using aluminum alloy for some of the body parts for the JL.