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  1. AKBronc49

    Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    I had been wanting a convertible Mustang for years, but where i'm at I'd only drive it between April and September, what a waste. So I look at the Bronco as my 4x4 convertible 'Stang that I can enjoy year round. Top has to come off, that's the whole point.
  2. AKBronc49

    Reservation Hysteria Week 2: Hype Train Derailed?

    I'm still pumped, just waiting on the build and price tool to figure out what I can afford... Dreaming of the fun I'll have next summer with my new Bronco keeps me from feeling down about the wait.
  3. AKBronc49

    Why the rear seat prop rods?

    Take a look at a 91 - 01 Explorer, 97-17 Expedition, 01-03 F-150 Super crew just to name a few...
  4. AKBronc49

    what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    I've got a little fleet that ill be adding to. I daily my '11 F150 Limited and my '06 Chrysler 300C. My 02 Excursion is a toy these days as is my '97 Explorer and '97 F150 snow plow/work truck. Plus some classics during the summer.
  5. AKBronc49

    What Tires Are You Going With?

    Depending on what I end up with stock BFG's or Goodyears ill run them until they are gone for summer only. I'll probably only put on 5k miles a year or so. At the first winter I'll have a second set of wheels with dedicated snow tires, either Bridgestone Blizzak or Cooper M+S studded in the...
  6. AKBronc49

    The Case for Waiting Out Delay for Reserved Bronco in Spite of Disappointment and Frustration from Ford

    I'm lucky in the fact the Bronco is not necessary to me. It's a toy, an extra, a want not a need. I'm a very impatient person but with this I have an odd calm. I'm super excited and I'll wait. The Bronco will be my first brand new vehicle so I'm double excited. Hopefully 12 months from now...
  7. AKBronc49

    Where are you in the reservation line?

    My confirmation email came in 7/13 @ 4:08 pm Alaska standard time, or 8:08 pm Eastern standard time. I'll go in and place my order the day order banks open, then wait.
  8. AKBronc49

    Going Topless for the First Time

    I drive our convertible classic cars all summer and never had an issue. I leave nothing of value in them. Biggest threat is rain!
  9. AKBronc49

    White Wheels????

    Only thing I'm not sold on is the wheels, I may have the factory ones powder coated. My current daily driver has white wheels and it takes constant cleaning to keep the brake dust at bay.
  10. AKBronc49

    White Wheels????

    You and I think a lot alike!
  11. AKBronc49

    Help with trims - white top

    I'm already planning the painted top to get painted white along with the grill and fender flares after delivery...
  12. AKBronc49

    Cooled Seats: The missing feature

    My guess is it typically requires a perforated seat fabric, which given the Broncos top off/doors off dirt flying everywhere it would clog the holes in the seat rather quickly. That said I love them in my F150, although I only use them a handful of times a year here in Alaska.
  13. AKBronc49

    Perfectly Content?

    I'm happy, wish for some more bright colors but eh. I want 4 doors, leather, heated seats/steering wheel, 2.7 V6 at least a rear locker. With that in mind it's either a Outer Banks with Sasquatch Package OR a Badlands depending on what I can fit into the budget I gave myself.
  14. AKBronc49

    How will your Broncos get used?

    Daily driver although a I have number of them already... adventure toy, far out camping spot truck. Mostly just a toy honestly.
  15. AKBronc49

    Ford and dealers report big early demand for 2021 Bronco

    My local dealer who called to verify my reservation almost 24 hours after launch had 40 reservations already. They were surprised by it.
  16. AKBronc49

    Velocity Blue Bronco WILL be available, as late availability color

    If i can't order it in December, ill probably go with Race Red. I want something bright, orange would have been it but the "orange" they are using looks too yellow for my taste.
  17. AKBronc49

    Side-by-Side Sighting: Sasquatch vs Non-Sasquatch Broncos and Jeep Wrangler Comparison

    This definitely shows me a standard Outer Banks won't have the look I want mine to have, without the Sasquach pkg.
  18. AKBronc49

    Power Steps

    After having factory power steps on my F150 these are a must have!
  19. AKBronc49

    Advanced 4x4 automatic on demand engagement cost

    All it is, is a newer better designed system that arrived in the new for 95 Explorer as "control-trac" 4x4 and the same system with beefier parts used on the 97 Expedition which also had a 2H/A4wd/4H/4L setting.
  20. AKBronc49

    Advanced 4x4 automatic on demand engagement cost

    Its just like a Lariat or above F-150. You have 2H 4A 4H and 4L. You can use 4A at any speed on any surface. 4H/4L work exactly the same as the regular 2 speed case. 4A detects slip in the rear tires and kicks the front tires in very quickly and seamlessly. Works awesome in my F150 and it stays...