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  1. Then&Now

    Pics: Badlands Swaybar Reconnects at 20 MPH (Broncos Spotted Off-Road With Nomad Outfitters)

    Extra dark windshield on that 1st pic. Is that a clay model out on the trails !? :ROFLMAO:
  2. Then&Now

    What Color Top do you want

    WHITE, WHITE, WHITE!!!! ... ummm I'd like a white one :sneaky:
  3. Then&Now

    First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    AM Blue is perfect IMO! WOW, what a color + love how light plays with it. Don't mind many here are now turned off by how dark it is ... make mine that much more rare! ha :p
  4. Then&Now

    Reserve Now, Wait 18 Months...

    Sell after buying & paying thousands in taxes? Gonna take a LOT more than $10k to make me even give it a thought
  5. Then&Now

    What interior best with Antimatter Blue?

    NEED a white or light grey. I intend to order the Antimatter Blue 2dr Badlands, but will not consider a dark interior. Florida + dark = not havin' a good time!
  6. Then&Now

    Gerry can mount

    EASY fix ... cut a hole in the gas can :ROFLMAO:
  7. Then&Now

    Anyone planning to get a 2” factory lift

    All this tire size talk reminds me of something my Dad has always said: "I'm a 32 waist, but 33s fit so well ... I wear 34s". Guess some here can apply this to the BRONCO. I had 33s, but the 35s fit so nice... I roll on 37s! ha :ROFLMAO:
  8. Then&Now

    Jeep keeps shouting for attention with new hybrid Wrangler ad

    We agree Jeep ... GO QUIETLY! (back to the drawing board). Slip Out the Back Jack 🎼
  9. Then&Now

    Videos & Pics: 2021 Broncos at Michigan Assembly Plant Event (Cactus Gray and Marine Vinyl Look Great)!

    Nice pics! Finally some very details close ups of these two Broncos. Have to say my favorite thus far is the 4 door's interior. I would want it on my 2 door IF the red accents were blue to highlight my Antimatter Blue exterior.
  10. Then&Now

    Side-by-Side Sighting: Sasquatch vs Non-Sasquatch Broncos and Jeep Wrangler Comparison

    Awesome pics ! Jealous but glad you are sharing. No sleep tonight. Keep watch in case they leave early AM. We need video of them pulling away. (y)ha
  11. Then&Now

    Pics: Black Bronco Wildtrak (w/ Sasquatch Package) in Public Parking Lot

    Gonna be needing a BRONCO themed step-stool to get those roof panels off ! She' a tall girl ;)
  12. Then&Now

    Velocity Blue Bronco WILL be available, as late availability color

    Have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking as I meant to. Hope someone has some insight on this.
  13. Then&Now

    2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Thanks for this info. Mullinax is an hour & a half away, but I reserved w Mullinax as my dealer based on the info you generously provided here. Cheers
  14. Then&Now

    Interior Video

    Awesome! I look forward to seeing the interior this blue grab handle goes to!
  15. Then&Now

    What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    I believe someone is. May or may not be you so keeping things pretty vague, haha
  16. Then&Now

    What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    Retired from an Airline job a year ago this month after 25+ yrs. Mid 50s so still plenty of time to enjoy some adventures, (God willing!)
  17. Then&Now

    What age spectrum do we have here reserving these sweet Broncos ?

    50s here. Looking @ 2dr Badlands, Antimatter Blue, manual. (White top if avail. Otherwise will have it wrapped in white). This will be my second Ford ever. 1st was a 64 1/2 Mustang 289 I had in high school, ( early 80s ). Currently drive a Infiniti Q60 3.7 coupe w under 27k miles after 6+ yrs...
  18. Then&Now

    Official 2021 Ford Bronco Info Thread: Specs, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos, Colors, Trims

    Last time I had a Turbo was on a late 80s Supra. Back then had to let it run about a minute to minute & a half at start up & before shutting the engine off after driving. Currently have naturally aspirated 3.7 Infinity Q60. Just wondering if modern Turbos recommend the idle time for...