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  1. Cooknn

    Southwest Florida Bronco’s

    Grew up in SoCal and did a lot of off-roading back then. Blazing trails, jumping puddles and climbing hills. Some time in the sand as well. Great memories. I almost always had another truck with me, though. It’s good to have someone who can pull you out of a tough situation. Once we both got...
  2. Cooknn

    Florida Roll Call

    No restrictions! Jump on in :D
  3. Cooknn

    Florida Roll Call

    Hey, gang. I created a group for Southwest Florida Bronco owners where we can coordinate off road excursions, etc. Here is a direct link
  4. S

    Southwest Florida Bronco’s

    Let’s get those Bronco’s dirty!
  5. Cooknn

    Have we seen this? bronco running footage!!!

    This is like Bronco porn :p I want that Cactus Gray with the white trim. Freaking gorgeous.
  6. Cooknn

    Drone footage of 2021 Bronco at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Great video! That place looks like it’s a blast.
  7. Cooknn

    Florida Roll Call

    Looking forward to checking out that off-road navigation system. In the mean time here are some great ideas for 4X4 trails in Florida.
  8. Cooknn

    Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    Last seen Yesterday at 9:59 PM :rolleyes:
  9. Cooknn

    A/X Plans won't be launch?

    Might be a little too soon to get your pin. It's only good for a year 😬 I jumped the gun as well. May have to get another if I don't take delivery by June of ’21.
  10. Cooknn

    Bronco 2 Door preview renderings (with white top)

    You resurrected a thread from March ;)
  11. Cooknn

    Delivery Reality

    If the numbers we're hearing are correct, the Bronco could end up being Ford’s new Model T. They'll sell a million of them if they can produce. IMHO, they should be retooling every possible production facility to build Bronco’s. My dad retired at what once was the St. Paul, MN truck plant. I...
  12. Cooknn

    Swaybar disconnect. Worth the upgrade to badlands?

    There's a lot more to Badlands than sway bar disconnect.
  13. Cooknn

    Why are you choosing the Bronco over competitors like 4Runner and Wrangler?

    I wasn't even in the market for a 4WD. My future new car options were wide open - then I saw the January issue of Car & Driver. At that moment I knew. The ’21 Bronco would be mine 😁
  14. Cooknn

    White Wheels????

    That's what I want right there :D Will be watching for those rims. We have some time...
  15. Cooknn

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    Watching Ford v Ferrari again tonight. They moved heaven and earth back then to beat Enzo - with a little help from Caroll Shelby. This time I think we’re at the mercy of an unseen foe. I’m so ready for this COVID thing to get in our rear view mirror.
  16. Cooknn

    Hilarious Bronco Dealer Ad

    “Texas, your wait is over” Well, not quite...
  17. Cooknn

    Where are you in the reservation line?

    3:47 am EST on the night of. I could not get the website to get all the way through the reservation process at launch so I went to bed and tried again with better luck in the middle of the night. I don’t suppose I’m too far back. I think it all comes down to the build and where it falls on...
  18. Cooknn

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    My Focus Titanium Sedan will be paid off in April ‘21. This Bronco will be the last new vehicle I plan on buying. No problem waiting. No choice! More time to save for the down payment. And get my credit score well above 800 so I can get the best rate.
  19. Cooknn

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    I guess they thought they’d sell more Bronco Sport. Not sure why higher demand for the 2 and 4 door would push back begin ship date by two months 😐