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  1. FastM400

    Active Park Assist?

    Use the Front Dig option and slide that bad boy right in there....I guess I will wait on one of the engineers to figure out the correct angle to approach a parrallel parking spot with Dig activated
  2. FastM400

    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    Method Racing rims...looks like the same ones the Orange 2 door with 37's uses.
  3. FastM400

    Going Topless for the First Time

    In high school I had an Alfa Romeo Spider, always had the top down, stopped off at a friends house, came back out and it smelled like :poop:. I figured I stepped in it in the yard, nope on the passenger side mat was a nice fresh turd...their cat must have hated me...better than cat pee I guess...
  4. FastM400

    Spotted: Sasquatch Broncos vs Modified Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Gladiator

    Yeah, sorry Bronco, your crawler gear has nothing on this.
  5. FastM400

    Badlands vs. BadSquatch (Badlands + Sasquatch) Comparison Chart

    I know what 37's look like, blame Ford for doing that, I would have never considered 37's coming from a jeep...the perfect tire was always 35's for most people...
  6. FastM400

    Anybody wanna sell their classic to help pay for new bronco???

    This one looks pretty good but its 45k, its not restored either but you can get some cheaper that need work...seems like upper 30's low 40's for one that's decent, at least according to Ebay.
  7. FastM400

    Badlands vs. BadSquatch (Badlands + Sasquatch) Comparison Chart

    Does the configurator site have enough bandwidth for August?:LOL: Like others have said, I guess I'm going 37's with Methods; Bronze Roost, if I have to go Squatching, I guess brand new wheels and tires will be in the For Sale section...I bet @Administrator already has that part of the sight...
  8. FastM400

    Video: 2021 Bronco doors and roof installation

    Dude, you have been around the forum long enough to realize Im talking aboot the thing we do when people complain about SFA, jesus, it was good natured ribbing. You know what Im talking aboot right? Hair trigger much, Eh?
  9. FastM400

    Video: 2021 Bronco doors and roof installation

    Oh I think I know of a way that doesnt require banning, a good natured shaming...but I will leave it to the professionals with a certain "set of skills" this time...:unsure:
  10. FastM400

    Homecoming! Launch Broncos (4 Door Cactus Gray & 2 Door Cyber Orange) on public display at Michigan Assembly Plant

    That interior is going to be on the FE, SAmsquanch, HOSS, Eddie Bauer, Doug Demuro, Limited, XLT, FX4, Raptor, Lux, King Ranch edition only....First one will be sold at Barret Jackson Auction for can only get it with X-Plan employee discount
  11. FastM400

    Mall Crawler Equivalents...

    @Nickp Here, I updated with angry eyes, I can sell plans to all aftermarket entrepreneurs for cheap
  12. FastM400

    Goin' Squatch. Don't need it. Want it.

    This hat will be sold out for months now...
  13. FastM400

    Mall Crawler Equivalents...

    liquid paper...a term I had already forgotten and I bet a group of people on this forum are searching the term right now.
  14. FastM400

    Build & Price Configurator for 2021 Bronco Goes Live in August

    The bad thing for me is when I see a statement that sounds like its coming from a place of Authority(in the know) I go and see where they are from...if it says Michigan, my brain just goes "seems legit" :cool:
  15. FastM400

    Will the 2 door rear seats be removable?

    heh, your right, I see the jerry can now...Im not deleting lest someone else makes the same mistake.
  16. FastM400

    Will the 2 door rear seats be removable?

    There is a picture somewhere of the orange one from above, and it looks packed full of gear, all the way to the back of the front seats...I will see if I can find it....
  17. FastM400

    Wow. Tight rear legroom even on 4 dr - baby seat

    We got 3 carseats across the back of our Wrangler, 2 Britax with the thick side bolsters and a rear facing in the middle. It was a bitch getting it all installed but now that they are a little older its easier with a booster seat in the middle. I honestly would rather to use the Lincoln though...
  18. FastM400

    This is how you should order your Bronco

    This helped me fill in some gaps, hope you all can use it for alittle extra info
  19. FastM400

    The New Ford Bronco Is An Obscene Monument to Climate Denialism - Vice Article

    I bet he shot an AR-15 and it bruised his shoulder. :rolleyes: