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  1. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    Should we expect turbo lag in these engines... I drive na vehicles for the most part
  2. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    The more I offroad... The less I like manuals... But I want to kill myself when I have to drive a auto on pavement. It's boring and it's like banging a hot chick who just lays there limp
  3. No first responder, military and medical discount

    As a jeep owner I'm used to being excluded from literally every promotion ever lol
  4. Most economical way to get 35's on non-Sasquatch Black Diamond?

    The biggest dissapointment in my jl after owning a jk was no longer being able to run 15 inch rims. I love 35s on 15s. You hmguys can have all the brodozer 20 inch rims you want... Give me a 15 with tons of room to air down and the monster truck look. Plus having so many load range C 35 inch...
  5. Most economical way to get 35's on non-Sasquatch Black Diamond?

    First jk I had I out 35s on with a leveling kit. Couldn't go offroad until I had a proper lift though.. I bet 100 bucks u can slam 33s on base with ease, might need a leveling kit for 35s...
  6. sasquatch + snow

    Outside of pure ice, the ko2s and wild peak at3ws have literally never let me down in my wrangler including a 1 hour drive in 30 inches of snow to go skiing... I would assume the bronco will be just as good in 4wd. I've never been in a position where I felt unsafe in the snow in proper 4wd...
  7. Sasquatch Package with 315/70 R17 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tires, possible?

    Raptors are 35x12. 5x17 must say load range C or they aren't the raptor tire. Have them on my jlu best tire I've ever had
  8. Grumblings from the Land Rover "Defender" community, they want a Bronco

    Well the new defender is a huge departure from the previous and basically looks like a overpriced Ford flex. I can see ppl used to land rover flocking to Ford over wranglers as they are used to more options.
  9. What colors would you like to see for the Bronco in the future?

    Very important, I have a punkin orange wrangler and so far its an exclusive year color
  10. No manual with 2.7L in 2021

    I'd rather not drive than drive an auto. And I don't like 4 cylinder engines
  11. No manual with 2.7L in 2021

    Can't get the turbo 4 cyl wrangler, diesel or 392 Ina stick. I doubt Ford ever budgets on 2m7 plus manual
  12. No manual with 2.7L in 2021

    It sounds like they will never have a 7 spd and 2.7... Ever actually
  13. No manual with 2.7L in 2021

    I like my engines with room to spare. High revving 4 cycl just make me worried about wear and tear more than a v6 or v8 that I never have to push anywhere close to its limits
  14. Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    2 things... Manual will never be offered with the 2.7... Ever it seems... Huge turn off. The response to front and rear lockers indicated they are optional on sasquatch packages.... I thought they were included. Not having lockers is a hard stop. It really seems they are forcing autos...
  15. Area 51 Bronco First Real Life Looks [on Bronco Sport] - New Pics

    Looks to similar to the anvil gray that was wildly popular for a year on the wranglers... And was jokingly named brute after the trash cans that inspired it
  16. Bronco Questions? Ask a Ford dealer

    It's easily removable they remove it for pics... It's why everyone buys aftermarket black antennas
  17. Acceptable odometer reading (can dealers test drive orders before customer pickup) ?

    I got. My wrangler and watched them roll it off the truck. They had to drive it 18 miles before they would let me drive it home. Something about safety
  18. Video: 3 Bronco Testers (Including Soft Top) and a Jeep Rubicon on transport truck

    I need more bronco colors. Not a fan of any of them yet