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  1. CPL_Rabbit

    "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    Still pretty washed out looking. I'd rather a real green. And a real blue while we're at it.
  2. CPL_Rabbit

    Granger Ford - terminology for non car people

    Could you ELI5 on this one? I thought the X-Plan was a hard price that could not be adjusted in either direction. What is the "300 commission"? *Edit - Had not seen the update in your price thread. That's an insane deal. Not like "sleazy local car lot commercial with salesman screaming his...
  3. CPL_Rabbit

    Video: Experience Bronco Interior From Rear Passenger Seat on Dune Run

    They revealed the Bronco long before being ready with details or pricing. So we're going to be drip-fed stuff like this to try and keep hype going.
  4. CPL_Rabbit

    Who would buy the Jimny if it was available in the US?

    Definitely, if it had removable top.
  5. CPL_Rabbit

    Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    Sooo.... Build and Price tool in August? Or is that getting shuffled down the line also?
  6. CPL_Rabbit

    Ford wants your Bronco questions - Post it here

    Couple days? Sweet Summer child.
  7. CPL_Rabbit

    First Look: 2021 Bronco Antimatter Blue and Iconic Silver + 2 Door Cactus Gray

    Looks like, until Velocity Blue is available we can get Black White Silver Gray Dark Gray Light Gray w/maybe blue, green tint in some light Black with dark blue undercoat. Red Red Orange I guess it's a win that there's more than monochrome, but it's all pretty uninspiring aside from the Orange.
  8. CPL_Rabbit

    MSRP dealer in West Texas

    That response was to a person calling themselves "Flatlander" from Texas. I'm just assuming it's someone from NW Texas near the I-40 slog to NM. No geography to speak of.
  9. CPL_Rabbit

    MSRP dealer in West Texas

    The corn-fields alone will be higher elevation that anything in the Texas flatlands.
  10. CPL_Rabbit

    MSRP dealer in West Texas

    MSRP is still a sucker's game. Find a way to get X-plan (90% going to apply to Bronco), or find a dealer that will earn your business. Flying to Granger or Laura Ford will save you more than the ticket cost, and send a message.
  11. CPL_Rabbit

    Best Look at Marine Grade Vinyl Seats and 4-Door Bronco Rear Seats Fold Down

    The 2-door pictures are supposed to be the Vinyl and, I assume, the rubber floors. The ones you're referring to are in the 4-door, with leather and carpet.
  12. CPL_Rabbit

    Why would anyone buy the 2dr Big Bend over the Base?

    Manuals are still 4.46, though.
  13. CPL_Rabbit

    Why would anyone buy the 2dr Big Bend over the Base?

    Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Base is just there to set the advertised "Starting at Just.." <$30k price. They don't really want to sell any there, because it's likely at a loss per unit. I'm honestly amazed that Sasquatch is even an option on base.
  14. CPL_Rabbit

    Why would anyone buy the 2dr Big Bend over the Base?

    I'm very torn on Base vs BD. I really just want Marine Vinyl and rear locker. If I could get that A la Carte, it would be an easy decision.
  15. CPL_Rabbit

    [Latest Update: See Post #335] Ford Revises Bronco Reservation FAQ -- You Now Can Only Change Your Dealer At Time Of Final Order.

    Maybe Ford communications team should stop breeding confusion. Changing FAQ information multiple times in 24hrs, essentially after the fact (reservation), is shitty communication. Removing the question isn't the same as providing an accurate answer. I can't wait for the Build/Price tool to be...
  16. CPL_Rabbit

    Go Fast Campers For Bronco Renderings

    I wish that blue w/ white accents was a real option.
  17. CPL_Rabbit


    IMO, Koons FC should already be off everyone's list. They've been on this very forum posting false information to scare people into reserving with them.
  18. CPL_Rabbit

    When will Bronco reservations end?

    Wait.... According to the Koons FC dealership, they ended 2 weeks ago. You mean that was a lie?
  19. CPL_Rabbit

    2021 Bronco delivery now "targeted to begin June 2021" and possibly into 2022

    That big depreciation hit is totally worth it to have a Ford for a year... Either you take brand loyalty way too far, or you work in sales.