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  1. Family of Raptors

    Family of Raptors

  2. My First Ride

    My First Ride

  3. ArcticRaptor

    Area 51 Bronco First Real Life Looks [on Bronco Sport] - New Pics

    Here was my Area 51 1990 Bronco II. :cool::cool:
  4. ArcticRaptor

    [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    If all are considered 2021, then just 3% of them are First Editions. That's not too bad of a number and makes me feel a little better about the 7,000 units versus 3,500. At this point it almost seems like Ford should call the FE's 2021 and everything else would be a 2022. That could help it's...
  5. ArcticRaptor

    Whats your hobbies!

    I did the home theater thing as well. I have a 7.2.4 ATMOS system which is all Klipsch. The screen is 138". I still have a bit of work to do on it, but it has been a fun project, and well worth the investment. I also hunt, fish, dipnet, hike, go offroading, boating, and RV'ing.
  6. ArcticRaptor

    First Edition Bronco Will Have Navy Pier Interior Option Only

    Red is the only option I'm interested in for my FE. I'm pretty nervous about the clashing interior, especially when doors are off. I really hope Ford considers an option that flows better. I've never been much of a fan for brown leather interiors either, so I'm a black and/or grey fan.
  7. ArcticRaptor

    Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Correction on line 1972 for my entry. The first digit is 1, not 2. Thanks for putting this together!
  8. ArcticRaptor

    First Edition Bronco Will Have Navy Pier Interior Option Only

    [begin rant] I'm having a dilemma on following through on my FE order. I was hoping for more exterior color choices, and definitely having a choice of a color that wouldn't be available with any other model. The family agreed on the Rapid Red for our 4 door, but was really hoping for a race...
  9. ArcticRaptor

    Whats special about the first edition?

    I reserved the FE 4 door, but was disappointed with the lack of exterior color options, especially since all of them are available with the other trims. Once I saw them double the number, my excitement dropped even more. I really wanted race red, so I will hold out until the order banks open...