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  1. 5.0Maverick

    Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    Wait, I thought you could upgrade the base with lockers and two inch lift?? Then it just comes down to new wheels/tires. Are the lockers not actually available on base?
  2. 5.0Maverick

    How long before it becomes a toy (sbf etc.)

    I’m just getting really excited for these trucks. My mind runs away with ideas sometimes. I can’t wait to use the truck as a fun daily. I can’t wait to dabble in some overlanding and finally I can’t wait to tear it down build it up and beat it to holy hell. I would’ve done it with a jeep but I...
  3. 5.0Maverick

    How long before it becomes a toy (sbf etc.)

    How long does one wait before they gut one of these pigs and stuffs it with the good stuff? I’m talkin 302/351 built trans, cut finders, sfa swap and wild body armor. How long do I have to wait (Years and/or miles) before I can realistically convince myself that I’ve soaked the full value and...
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    Exclusive 6+ Minutes of Bronco Badlands Rock Crawling Action on Rubicon Trail

    Honestly, stock trucks doin real stuff shows a lotta confidence. Even if I’m not in the position to throw a $40k truck onto rocks like that, it makes me feel like I will get my money’s worth when the truck becomes truly just a toy down the road. Worth keeping for a long time. Awesome vids. Thank you
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    Water / meth injection

    Thank you for the replies. Lotta experience talking there. I wasn’t really planning on running higher boost or a wild tune or anything like that. I was just thinking maybe try to utilize it as a supplementary setup to cool the intake temps a bit and compensate for the 2.3’s tendency to muck up...
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    Video: Experience Bronco Interior From Rear Passenger Seat on Dune Run

    Trucks I’ve wheeled (while owning) - 91 wrangler, 89 taco Cars I’ve built ground up - 70 maverick, 71 karmann ghia Any experienced wrencher knows his ears are one his best diagnostic tools. When I hear sounds like that, I hunt them down, if only just to understand what’s going on with my...
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    Video: Experience Bronco Interior From Rear Passenger Seat on Dune Run

    Nobody’s gonna mention the rattling in all these videos? Hear it from inside and outside.
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    Insurance for the 2021 Bronco

    I’m sorry. Can somebody explain what gap insurance is?
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    31 vs 33 vs 35 (video by 4WD)

    Only downside I see there with the sas for daily use is breaking and evasive ability. Sounds bad. Buuuuuuuuut I mean come on. Anybody lookin for 35’s already knew that.
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    Roof rack weight limit? Is this bad?

    If you’re driving and you lock your breaks, get hit etc, anything over 110lbs runs the risk of breaking the rack according to the ford legal team. 450 static means it can support about two adults in a roof top tent that is up mounted up top and parked in your campsite.
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    Sooo intercoolers, BOV and headers?

    I made the mistake of sayin headers lol. I think the other guy was just makin fun of me hahaha.
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    Sooo intercoolers, BOV and headers?

    For the 3.5, hold onto it for a couple years. We don’t know when the raptor variant is coming out but there are suspicions floating around about them having the 3.5. At that point there will be motor mounts etc from the factory you could probably piece together through ford and also a tune...
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    Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    If f150s can be any indication, they offer multiple options for diff ratios and open/lockers. I don’t know if that’s been mentioned yet. If so mybad for the redundancy
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    Water / meth injection

    When I had planned out my 302 I was lookin for 62cc chambers with the slightly thicker h gaskets and a boost cam hoping I could get to about 8.5:1 while having monster heads on it. The 174 with the smaller pulley shoulda kept it around 6-8lbs. (I was only looking for a fun 500). That’s what led...
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    Water / meth injection

    A few years back I was looking into building a a 174 boosted small block 302. Longevity and reliability were paramount in the build. This led me to ignition control (not needed in the bronco as much as a sbf) and water meth injection to kee temps down and octane high. I was wondering what...
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    Realizing my dreams

    ^^^^^^^^ I am Incredibly proud of every single person offering encouraging and thoughtful words. I feel humbled just reading this thread. Thank you 🙏. I am not in this mans position, however I am entering real adulthood looking to learn how to do better for myself and my future family. I want...
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    how awful is it that ford won't even let you buy BLIS on the base model

    I’ll throw my hat in the no BLIS please ring. I definitely don’t want my seat to rumble either like others do. Peripheral pulse lights at night can be distracting.
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    Standard vs. Signature Lighting

    Holy hell.
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    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    B&P can’t come soon enough. I want the base mt with lockers and front axle and the 2 inch lift. That might price out to more than squatch. Who knows. I do know, as bad as I want the manual, since ford already expresses a low level of confidence in the trans, I’m thinkin maybe I should avoid it...
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    Understanding the demographical Bronco buyer landscape: Manual v. Automatic Transmission

    Gen y. Tacoma stick. Wrangler stick. Bmw stick. Infiniti stick. Altima stick. Learned to drive on a 71 vw ghia stick. Maverick to be stick soon, :-( little bit about myself: adhd and automatics hate each other.