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    How does the Bronco drive? Here’s a detailed video of the Ranger

    This was me. And I stand by my statement. I had a 2013 F150, way better ride. My 2007 F250, also better ride. Even my nothing-left-stock 84 BroncoII had a better ride. All less bouncy and floaty than my dad’s 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4 crew cab. It feels like the floaty ride of a 70s Lincoln but...
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    Bronco test driver engineer gives some feedback (white and gray grille and tops coming)

    I’m out. This is the worst news I’ve heard regarding a Bronco. My dad has one. The ride is horrible, almost makes you seasick. The interior is inferior to other Ford vehicles I’ve driven recently, seems cheap compared to everything else. The engine power is A little lackluster, something I was...
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    FAQ's I'll attempt to answer with official Ford responses

    I’m sorta hoping the whole new vehicle purchasing model shifts toward custom order and less dealer stock. I’ve pretty much decided I’m probably not going to be buying dealer stock vehicles anymore. The dealers often times stock what they want me to buy but not what I want to buy. For example, I...
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    What’s your bronco backup plan?

    F150 Raptor, probably 2020 holdover. Or 2020 F150 STX. Only two F150s I would currently consider instead of a Bronco. Might have to see what 2021 F150s are like if I can’t find a holdover 2020.
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    How much leg room for 2 door rear passengers?

    I’ve only got one kid, getting out the car seat and into a booster seat next year so in my opinion the two door is worth the little bit of agony to help him get into the back seat.
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    How much leg room for 2 door rear passengers?

    In the spec sheet it does say the rear leg room is same for two door as four door so I’m holding out hope that the back seat of the two door is ok for kids. I think the cargo area is what’s smaller on the two door.
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    2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    That would explain so many math classes. Mine was an utter failure to learn the material, many times. Especially Calc2, the rest was a relative breeze after that.
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    2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    Man, I have you beat by a long shot by number of years of calculus, but that’s just because I kept on failing and having to retake the class to get my bachelors degree in engineering! Lol.
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    I am so torn!! Manual or 2.7 ???

    Get the manual. Help preserve the greatness of manual transmissions for future generations.
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    Tomorrow! [Update: Today!]

    Watching it with wife and kid and parents came over. This is the spread my wife put together for us (yes, that is pineapple pizza):
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    That interior does look good, better than I had hoped for.
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    The internet is starting to blow up! Pedal faster Doug!
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    Jeep executives react to the Bronco reveal

    LFMAO! That was awesome!
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    Oxford White thread

    I like white but my pickup and my wife’s car are both white. If those weren’t white I’d probably consider white for my Bronco. So its probably gonna be black! Polar opposite!
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    Reservation Links - THEY GO LIVE AT 8PM EDT

    What is the difference between using the link provided by the dealer and just going directly to to do a reservation like the MachE? Will doing a reservation just on the website not work?
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    Tomorrow! [Update: Today!]

    I hate ham and Canadian bacon. I recommend pineapple and jalapeños.
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    Leaked: 2021 Ford Bronco Options Decoded! Engines, Transmissions, Gear Ratios, Trims, Colors, Tops, Packages & More

    There’s also automatic locking (mechanical, no power needed) differentials that lock until they sense you’re going around a corner then unlock.
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    This is It! 2021 Bronco With Top Off, Doors Removed, Sand In

    I’m good with this wife I’ve got. I will be getting a Bronco, oh, yes it will be mine.
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    This is It! 2021 Bronco With Top Off, Doors Removed, Sand In

    But on the flip side, she understands the fun factor of the vehicle so she hasn’t said no yet.