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  1. BroncoJeremie

    5 seats in 2 door?

    Space, it's just it not wide enough where they sit in the rear
  2. BroncoJeremie

    Roof off security

    Anything can be put in the center console/glove box that locks, I don't live in a city, and when I go into a "big" city it's city full of old Mormon rich people, the only place I ever make sure my vehicle is locked up is when I go to Vegas
  3. BroncoJeremie

    Sick of the Screen Size Scam

    Honestly all you are doing is proving them right
  4. BroncoJeremie

    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    Like any off-road vehicle, 90% of the people who will buy it don't off-road or barely seen a trail for the matter, I see if everyday with raptors
  5. BroncoJeremie

    Catalytic Converter Theft (Warning: Potential Stupid Question)

    A full skid plate, and it might seem dick think to say but it's really is just the best solution, I live in the middle of no where in Utah, the worst thing that tends to happen in the poor neighborhoods is drugies getting in cars and looking for drugs, but to stop them it's pretty easy just lock...
  6. BroncoJeremie

    Bronco has less ground clearance than a Jeep Renegade

    I don't care, those base steelies are just there to be removed anyway
  7. BroncoJeremie

    2021 Bronco Gas Tank Size Is 16.9 and 20.8 Gallons

    anything is better than my 10mpg on good day 06 f150, so the more the better; this is gonna be daily after all!
  8. BroncoJeremie

    Videos: 2021 Bronco Digital Gauge Cluster Display in Action. Hybrid / Electric Bronco Confirmed by "EV Coaching" Mode?

    I don't know why but this gauge looks like one out of side by side, just square with real gauge on the left and warning light on the right, I like it.
  9. BroncoJeremie

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    I getting BD 2dr, in Cyber Orange; mostly because it really the only color that pops. The rest just look bland and grey to me, I like Cactus Grey and Area 51 but everyone is going to get those and they don't pop you wouldn't notice those out of all of the other whites grays blacks with the rare...
  10. BroncoJeremie

    Trims are a complete disaster to say the least!

    I mean to me the base should have 30in steelies, it makes it a better build truck so if you plan on modifying the living hell out of it, you don't want to spend extra cash on wheels you are just going to throw away.
  11. BroncoJeremie

    Guide: How to remove doors, roof, fenders flares from 2021 Bronco (instructions)

    There's only 2 tops soft top and hardtop but hey each work differently per 4dr or 2dr. That was probably for a soft top model
  12. BroncoJeremie

    Bronco Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    They all have LED taillights as a FU to jeep, anything above black diamond has the signature headlights which makes the circle also a have a running light, but across all models they are LED only
  13. BroncoJeremie

    Instrument cluster?

    my question is where the RPM meter
  14. BroncoJeremie

    Best option, hands down

    Within the chaos of reservation system on fire, as well as ton of information thrown at us at once I found this in the option list on the black diamond bronco, the photo is on the bronco Sport but I think it's safe to assume it will also be in the same spot or similar as the sport. Side note...
  15. BroncoJeremie

    Are they ashamed of the back seat of the two door . . .

    Well let's just say I am VERY happy with my 2 pick, I think the 3rd middle seat in backs seats are gimmick like backseats of 911 or mustang. I chose the 2dr because 5k cheaper I could use that 5k to get the Sasquatch package instead or something along those lines, but I was worried I would have...
  16. BroncoJeremie

    Disappointed in reveal.

    I liked it but I didn't like how I had to go looking, if I didn't follow bronco for the last 5 years then it had a chance of not showing up in my recommendation which could of lead to confusion.
  17. BroncoJeremie

    Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    I do like the base model but for what I like and want to do I got the black diamond, base model is a great for building exactly what you want in aftermarket tho
  18. BroncoJeremie

    Official 2021 Ford Bronco Info Thread: Specs, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos, Colors, Trims

    If I wasn't sold before I sure am now... BOTTLE OPENER!!!
  19. BroncoJeremie

    Starting pricing of each trims

    At least according to ford