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  1. Randy92Fox

    33's versus 35's

    Fantastic explanation! I have considered making this point in response to many of the posts regarding tire size and mpg but opted out because I couldn't articulate my explanation this well.
  2. Randy92Fox

    Does anyone want ECO mode

    I've had two trucks with custom "economy" tunes and all they did was make the trucks more sluggish. Absolutely no mpg gain for me. Hard pass.
  3. Randy92Fox

    Black Diamond color on Fords website?

    A while back there was a way to look at the reservation image and change it to any of the available colors by editing the paint code in the URL. @TheRealJyushi is correct. The Black Diamond on Ford's website is Iconic Silver based on the URL of that photo which includes the paint code.
  4. Randy92Fox

    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    1966 Bronco Half Cab - mostly original
  5. Randy92Fox

    WA State Check-In

    Starting to get a solid showing from the Clark County!
  6. Randy92Fox

    sasquatch + snow

    Ko2s on my F-250 and it does just fine in the snow
  7. Randy92Fox

    Real World Towing

    Not necessarily, lots of people tow flatbed trailers with atvs, yard equipment etc that have with SUVs that have gvwr ratings higher than what a half-ton pickup can legally tow.
  8. Randy92Fox

    Real World Towing

    GVWR isn't the weight of the camper/trailer. It's the gross vehicle weight rating. Essentially it's how much weight in total the trailer can be loaded down with gear to be safe for the trailer axles/frame and brakes.
  9. Randy92Fox

    1999 Mustang GT talk.

    I had a 97 2v 4.6 and it was the best vehicle I have ever owned. Bought it with 170k and solid it with 200k. I wouldn't let the stickers put you off of it. I put similar stickers on mine because I liked and it made it stand out from the rest. I was very proud of that car.
  10. Randy92Fox

    Area 51 Bronco First Real Life Looks [on Bronco Sport] - New Pics

    I had dismissed Area 51 as too dark but here it looks way different! Might be tough between Cactus, Area 51 and Velocity Blue for me as well!
  11. Randy92Fox

    2.3L vs 2.7L (5 Star Tuning Dyno Comparisons)

    As mentioned in other posts, Ford now offers factory performance tune on the Ranger and it's still covered by warranty. My experience with tunes on vehicles is that they shift better (with automatic trans) and thus I'd expect possibly longer life out of an auto trans with tune. Also, FWIW my...
  12. Randy92Fox

    SYNC 4 with Telenav will keep navigation & maps working even with no cell service

    I was under the impression that GPS worked everywhere as well until a couple weekends ago when I was heading up to a campground in the mountains and no GPS signal. Google maps though and I know they rely heavily on both cell service and wifi hotspots as well to pinpoint the location.
  13. Randy92Fox

    WA State Check-In

    Welcome to the forums! X-plan pricing is "employee pricing". Dealer Invoice - (0.4% * Dealer Invoice) + Administration Fee. Admin fee capped at $275 I believe. A few ways to get x-plan pricing: -own 100 shares of Ford stock for 6 months -join a club such as Mustangs Club of America for $25...
  14. Randy92Fox

    Spotted: Badlands No-Sasquatch Bronco On 33″ Tires [Updated With Interior]

    Pretty sure those are the BFG ko2 A/T. Definitely an A/T not a M/T.
  15. Randy92Fox

    Would anyone want to see a Bronco with no removable parts?

    Removable top is what makes it a Bronco. Otherwise it would be a rebadged Ford Everest with better suspension on the upper trims. For the rest of you that don't want the option for a fixed roof I wish they had that option for you but if it came down to only removable roof or non-removable roof...
  16. Randy92Fox

    Modular Body Panels - what do we know?

    I came across this image again today which I've seen on here before. Anyone with insider knowledge know if any of these other body panels will make it to production? Specifically looking at those fenders that are a spitting image of the EB fender cutouts...
  17. Randy92Fox

    On board Air

    Looks like that package may have a direct wiring option; hopefully that is the case! Otherwise the aftermarket will come in. Edit: aftermarket will have multiple solutions anyways but would be nice if the Ford package has direct wire anyways.
  18. Randy92Fox

    Some Bronco branded merchandise released by Ford

    I simped and got a sticker set...
  19. Randy92Fox

    Some Bronco branded merchandise released by Ford

    And now you're a moderator on a Bronco forum! I'd say it worked lol.
  20. Randy92Fox

    What will Ford do about V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392?

    That is correct, in 2011 Ford introduced the 3.5 ecoboost in the F150 and replaced the 5.4 v8 with the 5.0 v8. The 5.4 and 5.0 are both considered the "modular" engine family from ford as was the 4.6 and the 6.8 v10. All great engines IMO.