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  1. OrangecrushAZ

    Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    Love the proportions of the 2 door Badlands. I think 33’s are the right size for me, especially after learning you get the most articulation with that set up vs Sasquatch. I wanna see some videos of how it did on the Rubicon vs the Heap Boobicon!
  2. OrangecrushAZ

    DIY Sasquatch on non factory Sasquatch

    Buy once, cry once
  3. OrangecrushAZ

    Brake Lock Differential feature?

    I have to imagine the terrain management system will modulate the brakes to stop wheel spin for whatever mode you choose (ie. Mud, sand, etc.) Of course, there are also optional electronic locking front and rear diffs that you can manually engage, if equipped.
  4. OrangecrushAZ

    Reupholstery cost?

    I would go for seat covers as well. I have neoprene Skanda Digital Camo seat covers in the back seat of my truck for the dog and they work amazingly well. They’re custom fit to each vehicle and install/uninstall fairly easily. Just prided them out for a new Rubicon, I’d imagine the Bronco will...
  5. OrangecrushAZ

    Thoughts on waiting for a 2022 Bronco

    I went back and forth on waiting for the 2nd year, or even on the inevitable upgrades Ford will introduce to keep sales numbers up. Ultimately, I decided to get one now and will have a warranty for any “bugs,” and then potentially upgrade if a future model were that appealing that I have to have it.
  6. OrangecrushAZ

    Video: 3 Bronco Testers (Including Soft Top) and a Jeep Rubicon on transport truck

    In order from front to back, it looks to be: Rubicon vs badlands 4 door, badlands 2 door, Sasquatch 4 door
  7. OrangecrushAZ

    AZ Bois where ya at??

    My rez is at Chapman. I spoke with Matt Robertson, who’ll be handing, at least in part, their Bronco orders. He said there will be no markup. Not sure about X-Plan yet, though. I didn’t ask if they require add-ons, but they didn’t in ‘18 when I ordered my Raptor through them.
  8. OrangecrushAZ

    What are you going to order ?

    2 door Badlands 2.7 Non-squatch Cactus grey or Cyber Orange. Grey top if go Cactus, Black or Orange if go Orange. Not 100% on what trim, hopefully B&O is a stand alone, it sounds so good in the Raptor. I don’t need the other stuff in upper trims
  9. OrangecrushAZ

    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    Look at the fender flares, though. They’re smaller on the color optimizer vs the WT reserve pic
  10. OrangecrushAZ

    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    The BD has an optional beadlock wheel. You can see them on the Ford Bronco website “color optimizer.” That, I believe, is a BD on 33’s, not the Sas package. Compare to fender flares, of the FE or WT and they certainly seem smaller.
  11. OrangecrushAZ

    Bronco or Raptor?

    There’s nothing meh about the Raptor. For a daily driver that can go anywhere at speed, it is truly one of a kind. If you wanna tow a heavy load, get a super duty. If you wanna street race, get a sports car. If you wanna go 80 down a dirt road or wash In comfort, blasting an insane stereo, then...
  12. OrangecrushAZ

    Will the Bronco be your toy? if so share a picture of your daily driver

    ‘18 Raptor w/ Icon 3.0 & Deaver rear springs.
  13. OrangecrushAZ

    Does the Bronco stand a chance against the 4Runners reputation

    I owned the ‘17 Tacoma TRD Pro and although it was a great truck, I didn’t love the “new” powertrain they introduced in ‘16. It still had rear drums, no JBL, no sunroof, they held all of those things back until ‘18. I got out of that for an ‘18 TRD Pro 4Runner which was a great vehicle, but...
  14. OrangecrushAZ

    2021 As A 2022?

    My current daily is the gen 2 Raptor with the 3.5 HO and it is a blast to drive. I’ve owned many high HP V8’s and the sound is the ONLY thing that those have had on this motor. Further, although the exhaust note is less than desirable, the turbo spool is such a cool noise to hear.
  15. OrangecrushAZ

    Arizona BS Thread

    18 Raptor. incredible for desert running, too big for trails. Enter, Bronco! Can’t wait
  16. OrangecrushAZ

    AZ Bois where ya at??

    I’d love a Bronco AZ group. I bought my Raptor from Chapman and they were great. They confirmed they will not mark up on Broncos. Haven’t gotten them to commit to X-Plan pricing yet. We moved to Scottsdale 4 years ago From Chicago and haven’t looked back. Night and day better than that...
  17. OrangecrushAZ

    What will Ford do about V8 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392?

    It looks like the Jeep Rubicon 392 is happening. What will Ford do to answer? Why didn’t they make the 3.5 EcoBoost available? Or even the 5.0 coyote? Or better yet, the 3.5 H.O. from the Raptor? I’m sure they will do something to up the power in a couple of years, just somewhat bummed that I...
  18. OrangecrushAZ

    Sport mode causing me to switch from badlands to wildtrak

    If it’s anything like the Raptor‘a modes, just switch to Baja and then transfer case back to 2WD and you’ll have Sport mode on major steroids.