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  1. rcbickle

    First Edition Bronco Thread

    Exterior Color: Cactus Grey Interior Color: Brown Saddle with Black Top Color: Black, but would consider white with white grill Must have add on(aftermarket or factory): winch, off road lights Dealership & State: Maryland and whoever gives me the best deal
  2. rcbickle


    Look, you guys are awesome! I have been following you and your posts and I love how you are not only offering a great deal, but great information. Just wish you were closer to Maryland or had a deal with a shipper!
  3. rcbickle

    What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    Honestly, it was her idea. My F150 is too big for her to drive comfortably and she wants something smaller. She first was trying to talk me into an Explorer, but was willing to compromise on a four door Bronco.
  4. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Don’t disagree. There are intangibles for the dealer beyond profit. Great negotiation point. Also, since supply will be limited, the reservations will dominate deliveries. People who want to see them will need to see ours, and by seeing ours, the dealer can generate more orders for those who...
  5. rcbickle

    Using Bluetooth with a convertible

    In my Z4 I use my Bluetooth all the time around town, but not on the freeway. This is 2004 technology, so I am sure it has improved. I do though tell people I can’t hear them well when driving my Z4. It has become my time to wind down, listen to my music, and enjoy the drive.
  6. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    I want that deal as well, but I did a spreadsheet on the Grainger offer, which is very good, to see what my actual costs would be. Keep in mind you need a one way plane ticket, miles at $.55 per mile, and for me it is a 14 hour drive, so food and lodging. Not to mention time, which for me is a...
  7. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    If we have 25 or more Broncos, he would change his tune. The old business rule is that as you increase volume, you can decrease margin. So, at one vehicle, the dealer can say no profit if they narrow the margin. But at 25, they make less per vehicle, but gain more overall profit through volume...
  8. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Question for everyone, think we should hold off a bit until we know how many Broncos we are negotiating for and then approach them with numbers? As individuals, they are in the driver seat, so this would be the response we would get if we approached them one at a time. If we are able to approach...
  9. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    I like your thinking! I agree that 25 would be a good deal for any dealer. I am a definite order. No maybe here. Maybe we should add a column to your list (big thanks for that!) on who is in, who is maybe, and who is just looking. Beyond being the Bronco HQ, we could also offer them some...
  10. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Sounds good. Let's see if we can get enough interest and someone that is good at negotiating with dealers!
  11. rcbickle

    How to get X Plan

    What is your build? I sold my Bonanza a year ago whole we build he house and a barn for the fabrication of my new plane. :)
  12. rcbickle

    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Fellow Marylanders, To steal a page from the Texas Volume Buyers' Group, should we ban together and see if we can negotiate once and get the best deal once? Do we have any good negotiators in Maryland that would be willing to be the primary negotiator? Would there be enough of us to make it...
  13. rcbickle

    2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    Thanks for doing this! Really helps!!! :)
  14. rcbickle

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    Will there be any update to the information we have to date on towing? Is 3500# the base towing amount and will four doors, larger engines, etc. alter that number? Is that 3500# with a load-leveling hitch or a standard hitch? Will the tow mode have the setting like the F series that allows you...
  15. rcbickle

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    I would like to know how winch placement will work on Broncos with the grill camera and the front distance sensors for cruise control (Models such as the First Edition or anyone who selects the top options package).
  16. rcbickle

    Active and retired military bronco owners!

    I will give you the same advice I gave my son as he headed off to Marine OCS: Stay Focused - Easy to get distracted, easy to let other things get in the way. Your main job is to become a GREAT officer. Don't Quit - Everybody has a stumbling block. Everyone has a point they wonder why they...
  17. rcbickle

    Active and retired military bronco owners!

    Once upon a time...
  18. rcbickle

    BIG TIRES SUCK! And Here's Why :-)

    The video title is a bit misleading, so watch the video. Most of the issues are DESIGN issues. Since the Bronco is designed for the larger tires, most of the issues brought out are not applicable. In the end, and add on if I missed something, it comes down to COST. Cost for the package, Cost in...
  19. rcbickle

    Factory winch - front sensor line-of-sight blockage solution?

    Still researching this, but found this article where Ford Performance worked with ARB to develop a bumper for the Ranger. Looks similar to the number I saw at Carlisle. Article says number is compatible with all of the ranger safety systems: “That means the bumper is compatible with all Ford...
  20. rcbickle

    No first responder, military and medical discount

    Well...hope they reconsider this. Mustang Club of America ($25) will get you X-Plan, if Ford takes that.