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  1. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    A set of 33s would be a lot less than $6k anything higher than black diamond gets the “fancy” LED headlights, but they all have LEDs and they are all circular.
  2. Ditch lights

    I thought the High package has this already, puddle lamps and spotlights. Maybe this is a different question entirely but I wonder if it’s possible to swap the High package mirror and light assembly onto a lower trim, or if the wiring simply won’t allow it.
  3. Ford is playing with my heart

    Yea originally it went to a blank page. Now it goes to an irrelevant page.
  4. Jim Hackett Retiring October 1st; Jim Farley to Take Over as CEO

    Tesla is applicable to a discussion about Ford since they are a competitor and their actions affect Ford’s actions. GM and Fiat Chrysler are jokes. Tesla is the big threat. Can’t plug your ears and pretend they aren’t there.
  5. Get Badlands or go with lower trim + aftermarket parts?

    The pre-wired auxiliary switches on Black Diamond make up for whatever OEM switches may or may not be included. I think you can spec the aux switches on any trim and it would definitely be worth it if you think you’ll have the upgrade itch.
  6. Why didn't Ford offer rolling rear window?

    Also probably it doesn’t help that the damn thing is already 5,000 pounds.
  7. Is Badlands w/Sasquatch the same width as Wildtrak?

    But isn’t that just because Wildtrak comes with the Sasquatch package with the wider fenders? I think equipping Sasquatch on the Badlands would make them the same width.
  8. OXFORD WHITE THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing Oxford White lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.

    Oxford White is really a beautiful paint - love it on my Mustang. Easy to correct. The only problem is my neighbors all have white crossovers and I’m bored of it. Thinking of Cyber Orange just to mix things up.
  9. Police / first responders Bronco Interceptor?

    Mall crawlers hate it!
  10. Grille options thoughts?

    If it’s anything like other Ford cars the shift knob is an easy DIY swap (just unscrew it) and steering wheel is also easy (but time consuming- one bolt but lots of wires and airbag to disconnect/ reconnect) The grille is probably just a few clips.
  11. Does anyone want ECO mode

    On the Mustang (manual) the modes make the throttle twitchier, so less travel to get more gas. So I’d assume Eco mode just makes it so you have to floor it to get any kind of acceleration.
  12. Does anyone want ECO mode

    I’d buy a Tesla if I wanted Eco mode. Then I could feel good about burning coal in a power plant to charge a cobalt battery mined by African slave kids in the Congo.
  13. What's with the manual trans hype?

    That’s what the crawler gear is for!
  14. How ford should approach the v8 bronco platform (hold your chairs)

    I wanted to hate it but I like it.
  15. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    I want a manual transmission. I can tune the 2.3 and make up most of the torque against the (stock) 2.7
  16. Cash Vs Bank

    That’s true, I just don’t like a bank having something over me even if I could be making a better return on the money myself. It’s completely irrational...
  17. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    It is pretty much like that. Enough to put you to sleep before you’re finished (driving).
  18. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    Wouldn’t this be the same issue in any engine with port injection? (eg. the 5.0 Mustang)? It seems like a better explanation is Ford doesn’t think it would be profitable enough to go through the engineering effort. Personally I would rather take the 2.3L manual and save some money. People here...
  19. Is this partly why the Manual is not available for the 2.7L Engine?

    Thanks for the explanation. I haven’t been bothered by most of these in my 20 Ranger, though I haven’t driven it too much. My main complaint is that it can be too slow react, which gets in the way of passing lane heroics. The 2.3L itself has a ton of passing power in the right gear, but...
  20. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    BD has LED headlights, just no “ring”