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  1. icavedin

    Bronco will make our world better, and it’s worth the wait.

    I actually think the booty on the new defenders look kinda right, but the front could use some love - would that make it a butterface? 🤷🏾‍♂️
  2. icavedin

    Videos & pics: Even more Bronco prototypes converge on Moab + Rock Crawling Videos

    Anybody think they added the music so viewers wouldn’t be able to hear the scraping from bottoming out/high-centering? Not saying it’s a good or bad thing, just innadastin to think about.
  3. icavedin

    When does the Bronco ride to Europe ?

    Grass is always greener eh! I would kill to have some of the rigs you guys have access to. Tell ya what - I'll trade my future Bronco for one of your early Defenders, deal? 😅
  4. icavedin

    Pics: Bronco Battle Scars From Completing Rubicon Trail

    Marketing teams everywhere prey on consumers like you. Nobody is boasting about anything ‘GOAT’ here - please taper your expectations a bit. edit: re-read your post and think you would make a fantastic motivational speaker or sports commentator.
  5. icavedin

    Base Bronco missing options?

    Not to be cheeky, but I think you guys are batting for the same team lol
  6. icavedin

    Roof off security

    Funny you say that because back when I lived in San Francisco, you’d often see more people than not driving stick. But generally, yep I agree with you. When I used to park my 4runner in the mission w/ the hardtop off, I would sometimes find it moved forward a few meters because someone threw it...
  7. icavedin

    Base Bronco missing options?

    I’s the base model for a reason?
  8. icavedin

    Jay Leno's 1968 Bronco - Ford Performance SEMA Build

    Hey look, no rear spare guys. Wonder how Leno manages ;) All jokes aside - this is a fkn beauty.
  9. icavedin

    SEMA 2020 Cancelled

    Thanks for sharing @Administrator While this is a bummer to hear, this was ultimately the right choice to make. It’s easy to get caught up in the material things and although it’s a nice distraction from the landscape of what’s happening in the world right now; we have to remember what we’re...
  10. icavedin

    Should I upgrade to a higher model from Base 4 door

    All generalizations are false, including this one. If automotive trim was indicative of a consumer’s purchasing power, then car manufacturers would be SOL.
  11. icavedin

    Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    Staggering how many assumptions some of you guys can discern from just a few testing photos..
  12. icavedin

    Industry Professionals: Let's Grade Ford.

    Spot on mate. I’ve been taking a backseat during all this and observing from the nosebleeds (anybody got a tissue?) This is my take re: PR; [spoiler alert] I’m a millenial, but I do heavily sympathize for buyers/older generations who may not be on socials that are actively being left in the...
  13. icavedin

    Sick of the Screen Size Scam

    Or how about no screen at all so we don’t have to worry about software patches not keeping up w/ outdated hardware in 2040. Queue ‘iDrive’ (mid-2000s BMW owners will know). Give us basecamp owners some damn buttons. /boomerrant
  14. icavedin

    What's with the manual trans hype?

    This guy gets it. My tired 22re has double digit hp and tq barely dipping into the triples, but has had no problem getting me through white out blizzards and sticky situations in the sand dunes. The trans and diff gears is where all the leverage lives for these 4 bangers; and having your own...
  15. icavedin

    Ford wants your Bronco questions - Post it here

    I get PR, but man this move doesn’t make much sense. Why not wait till the Build&Config tool is launched in a couple days? This is like asking people how a cake tastes before even trying it.
  16. icavedin

    Ford wants your Bronco questions - Post it here

    All of Bronco6G to Twitter rn
  17. icavedin

    Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    c’est la vie - guess that’s what ARB is for! Great looking 80 btw mate.
  18. icavedin

    Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    Agreed. They should’ve made the bullbar out of plastic for transparency. /s
  19. icavedin

    Factory pics: 2021 Bronco Body In White, Frame-to-Body Marriage (Decking), Test Units, Engine

    Perhaps a feasible solution to those w/ 2 reservations is to buy two 2dr base Broncos and trailer hitch them back to back Broncocentipede style. Boom - room for the whole squad and you’re only spending the cost of one FE.