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  1. Xodric

    I hope Ford is listening.

    Im out of answers for you. Pricing for options isnt even out and its like you think the sky is falling. Like previously mentioned the Rubicon is around 55k. And you get a lot more than the Rubicon with the Badlands. I have no problems with the cost of the Bronco. So for me its more than...
  2. Xodric

    I hope Ford is listening.

    You can always wait a few years and buy a used one and modify it to your liking.
  3. Xodric

    What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    I can see in my wifes face anytime I bring up the Bronco shes just putting up with my excitement. She likes the look but shes a VW purist.
  4. Xodric

    Taking the doors off with the door bag - confirmed

    I really hope that putting on and taking off the doors doesn't scratch the hell out of the paint. I hope it's easy and not cumbersome. If these bags for the doors prevent that 100% than I will throw money at them until the cows come home. I can not tell you how many times I have had two people...
  5. Xodric

    Get Badlands or go with lower trim + aftermarket parts?

    Part of the reason I am getting a Badlands is because I believe its the model that will retain it's value a lot more than say the Base, OB, or BD. The FE will obviously be the best value holder. That being said I am going to get all the off-road goodies I can with it from the factory. I'll worry...
  6. Xodric

    I hope Ford is listening.

    Not offering the 2.7L with the manual is a mistake, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are working on a solution for the second year models. They've heard this brought up a lot. I don't expect a perfect first production year vehicle from any auto-maker. I'm still going to get one. The manual...
  7. Xodric

    I hope Ford is listening.

    Ford is absolutely listening. With a new CEO and stocks being low, CCP Virus and the economy where its at Ford is throwing a hail mary with the launch of the Bronco. It needs to succeed. They are not taking any shortcuts here. IMO thats why they are doing all these off-road trails. They could of...
  8. Xodric

    meme thread (family safe only)

    Yay, a meme thread!
  9. Xodric

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    Will the Sasquatch package be discounted for Badlands trim? Sorry if this has already been posted.
  10. Xodric

    Order date 4 door Bronco different from 2 door Bronco

    Me and my two brothers are all getting the new Bronco, and my brothers dealers both told them this. I told them they shouldn't believe that one bit.
  11. Xodric

    Exclusive 6+ Minutes of Bronco Badlands Rock Crawling Action on Rubicon Trail

    Would love to see a Bronco with the Sasquatch on 35s do this same spot.
  12. Xodric

    Bronco Marine Grade Vinyl Interior CGI Sneak Peek

    That's not my driveway in the background!
  13. Xodric

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    I already emailed some companies that make after-market for Jeeps and the Raptor, etc, etc. and I was told by a few it'd be roughly a year. Road armor said 6 months if they can get a Bronco early next summer. But that's just their speculation, we won't know for sure for some time.
  14. Xodric

    GM Doesn't Want The Ford Bronco To Have All The Fun

    Just like with the Mustang, the Raptor, and now the Bronco... Ford proves yet again that they are leading the way.
  15. Xodric

    Know Your Capabilities 😬

    I've made all my money by selling rear diff covers to off-roaders. Here's just one of the products I sell. For $50 it could be yours also! Paint is an extra $10.50. :devilish: Disclaimer: 100% sarcasm
  16. Xodric

    Seeing Cyber Orange in person before ordering?

    Should I be concerned about orange peel on a Cyber Orange vehicle from the factory? And let's say my Bronco comes with orange peel from the factory? What are my options? Should I refuse delivery until it's corrected? I was watching this video on the 2021 Bronco in Cyber Orange and anytime the...
  17. Xodric

    "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    My dads old 1979 Bronco was done in Dark Highland Green. Thought about wrapping my 2021 Bronco in the same color. I wonder if they'll make Visors for the 2021.... :unsure:
  18. Xodric

    Pineapple 🍍 Pizza 🍕 Explained (Pineapple 101)

    What'll be revealed now that this is a thread! lol good times
  19. Xodric

    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Current vehicle is a 1979 F150 4x4.