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  1. FirstOnRaceDay

    Delivery Reality

    So the timeline has become more clear, as well as the total reservations. THIS IS ALL SPECULATION So there has been roughly 240,000 total reservations. And here at Bronco6G we have roughly 2,400 going to members. or 1/100 if I looked at the chart we have correctly about 2/3 (66.67%) or 1600 of...
  2. FirstOnRaceDay

    2021 Bronco factory steel bumper converts to a Stubby Bumper for off-roading

    In case you missed it from today's new set of spotted photos/videos, this piece of the Bronco's factory steel bumper comes off to make it a stubby bumper for more off-roading clearance!
  3. FirstOnRaceDay

    The Next Generation Of RAPTORS!

    So Automobile Magazine put out an article about the rumored 2024+ Bronco Truck. And they stated that the 3.0 Ecoboost will NOT make it to that vehicle. So then they had the dumb idea that the raptor version will get the 5.0. (Won’t fit). I have a different theory. And this theory goes along with...
  4. FirstOnRaceDay

    G.O.A.T Breakdown! GOAT drive modes availability for each model / trim [projected]

    Here is a full estimated breakdown of the terrain Management System in the new Bronco aka G.O.A.T. mode. keep in mind these are only assists. And can be manually adjusted if you so choose. also doing some digging. Couldn’t really find a big difference between mud and sand. I’m guessing mud...
  5. FirstOnRaceDay

    R.I.P. Ford Sedans

    Tomorrow marks the end of Ford Sedan production for North America after nearly 112 years of almost continuous production (1943-1945 WW2) Please share a picture of your Ford Sedan below! (Past or Present)
  6. FirstOnRaceDay

    Everybody PLEASE Be Calm. This is only the beginning.

    So I have been seeing a lot of complaining on here and I just wanted to clarify a lot. 1 No SFA. (Not a huge complaint from most) Most die hard rock crawlers are die hard jeep fans. Hence why ford went after the other 90% of the off road market and went after the Parking Lot Warriors. And if...
  7. FirstOnRaceDay

    Ford Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler: A Full Comparison including Trim Breakdowns!

    So I did a full technical Breakdown of the Bronco vs Wrangler will be doing a trim by trim and option vs option break down soon SIZE POWERTRAIN DYNOGRAPHS CAPABILITY INTERIOR FULL TRIM COMPARISON AND BREAKDOWN (Still Working) Bronco Base = Wrangler Sport (Basic) Bronco Big...
  8. FirstOnRaceDay

    Crashing the Party!

    For those of you out there getting the new Bronco day 1! Toledo is having its annual “Toledo Jeep Festival” next August. For the “80th” anniversary. Almost 100,000 people are expected to be there with almost 1,500 registered parade members. Whose ready to go crash the party?!??
  9. FirstOnRaceDay

    Tomorrow! [Update: Today!]

    So does anyone else feel like it’s going to be like the day before a trip to Disney and you are not going to get any sleep tonight? But comment below your game plan for the big day! Computer with the party...
  10. FirstOnRaceDay

    Leaked List of Colors Rendered + Poll: Your Choice?

    Based on the list of color codes that leaked, here is a rendering I made of the color options From back to front! Shadow Black Gloss Black Onyx Metallic Carbonized Gray Metallic Cactus Gray Gloss Iconic Silver Metallic Oxford White Metallic Area 51 Gloss Antimatter Blue Metallic Velocity...
  11. FirstOnRaceDay

    Bronco spotted with huge (37 inch?) tires and (method?) aftermarket wheels

    found this gem on the old inter webs
  12. FirstOnRaceDay

    Leaked! US 2021 Ranger Raptor (and Bronco Warthog / Raptor) to get 2.7L V6 Ecoboost? Australia is set to get the Next Generation Ranger next year. Along with a...
  13. FirstOnRaceDay

    Reveal, Info, and Configure Expectations

    So now we are seeing more and more of a clear picture of what the reveal and ordering process is like let me break it down what I think it will be like. I went back and rewatched the F150 and Mach E reveal and they have a VERY similar timeline. And my guess on how the bronco will go I think...
  14. FirstOnRaceDay


    So with pretty much EVERYTHING canceled in 2020, 2021 in Detroit is going to be a BANGER! February 28 - March 1 Autorama! May 22 - 23 Gumball 3000 Rally will be passing threw. Going from Toronto to Indianapolis that day. June 4 - 6 Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle Park. June 11 -26 North...
  15. FirstOnRaceDay


    Hello my name is Devin. I’m 28 years old. Born and raised in the Toledo Area. I’ve been around cars my whole life. My whole family worked(s) for some division of the auto industry at one point in time. My dad use to work for A.P. parts. Working as a tool maker for the division that made exhaust...
  16. FirstOnRaceDay

    Ford Edge might be getting axed! Will it boost Bronco sales? Canada is starting their Union contract negotiations (4 year cycle). The Oakville plant is under question. There is currently no contract or product listed to be made after 2023. When the...
  17. FirstOnRaceDay

    2021 Bronco Trims and Pricing Guesstimates

    Attached is a spreadsheet of the Jeep Wrangler JLU pricing and options vs what I think the Bronco will be. You can see the Bronco will be more expensive however it will have better standard equipment and better options. also note the “Trim names” for the Bronco are placeholders I till we get...
  18. FirstOnRaceDay

    Bronco Hybrid PHEV May Get Same 2.3L Engine as Next Gen Ranger Rumored at 360 HP and 500 LB-FT?

    It has been a rumor that ford was working on a 4 cylinder hybrid for the Australia Ford Everest and Ranger. And it sounds like they will be getting a 2.3L in-line 4 turbo ecoboost engine making a combined 360hp and 500lbft. If it’s the same ecoboost that’s in the ranger now (270hp 310lbft) that...
  19. FirstOnRaceDay

    A complete 2021+ Bronco 6G specs & info rundown, because there’s nothing else to do...

    Doing a complete run down of the Bronco 6G. Because I’m bored and we have 5 weeks to kill, also this thread is ONLY ford the T6 G6 Bronco. The Bronco Sport model's complete rundown is posted at the Bronco Sport Forum...