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  1. Mopar2Bronco2021

    What are your "sacrifices" when thinking about your future toy?

    I’ll probably be sacrificing the Sasquatch package if I go with the Black Diamond. I won’t budge on the 2.7L auto and heated seats. If the squatch is priced right I may throw it on the Big Bend but even with that I’d still be leaning towards what the BD offers...rubber floors, vinyl seats, rock...
  2. Mopar2Bronco2021

    So only 15.8 MPG?

    Considering that they’ve been rock crawling and going through trails, I’d say 15.8 mpg is pretty great for this vehicle. I bet even with the Sasquatch it’ll get around 20 mpg highway whether it’s the 2.7 or 2.3. I bet they won’t vary much at highway speeds. City, who knows. Probably close to...
  3. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Area 51 thread

    Yes lord, I hope it looks JUST LIKE this. Good work
  4. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Area 51 thread

    That lil fella is lookin kinda mean from the back in this picture. This color might be the one.
  5. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    The Outer Banks model looks so tamed lol. Like super mall crawl ready. I need the more aggressive tires, plastic fenders, regular headlights, and maybe even a soft top to not feel like I’m driving my 3 nonexistent children to soccer practice.
  6. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Bronco Marine Grade Vinyl Interior CGI Sneak Peek

    Too good to be true
  7. Mopar2Bronco2021

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    Is there a difference between the “High Clearance Suspension” vs the lift on the Sasquatch package? If so, what is the difference?
  8. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Not a gear head so explain to me 2.3 vs 2.7 . . .

    Unless it’s a Cummins. 6.7L 6 cylinder babyyyyy
  9. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    I didn’t know this feature was gonna turn me into Jason Bourne. It would be beyond awesome if it worked on concrete. U-turns would never be the same. Good stuff Ford
  10. Mopar2Bronco2021

    First Videos of 2021 Ford Bronco on Rubicon Trail (+ More Pics)

    Tires have too much air in them right? They look stiff as heck. Cool video regardless.
  11. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    I don’t believe this is a Black Diamond because it has the fog lights. Either way, it’s a good picture to see the steelies on
  12. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Adaptive cruise control - standalone option?

    Really? I drive one a bunch of times 4 hours each day for about a month. I absolutely loved it. The corolla sucks but that feature alone made it bearable to drive.
  13. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Is anyone having trouble deciding between 2-door and 4-door?

    I was having a hard time deciding until I remembered I have a girlfriend and a 60 pound dog that will take up the back bench. 4 door easy. The 2 door has very little storage space for me.
  14. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Why is a Hard top Comes with the 2 door and not the 4 door?

    Probably because they know people wanting a 4 door are likely to prefer and buy the hard top.
  15. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Granger Ford Changing Dealerships thread I will update the first post as I get more information

    Lol the lady at Ford that helped me over the phone said I was the 6th person today that changed my dealer to Granger.
  16. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Roof rack weight limit? Is this bad?

    You can almost certainly put more weight on your roof and drive around. But be mindful that more weight up top will greatly increase the center of gravity, thus increasing chances of rollover. Especially in a lifted suv. Going a little over (like 1.3x 110 lbs) is probably okay. I wouldn’t go...
  17. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Packaging Prices

    Oh damn, inception. That’s a good question, I see what you mean now after re-reading. I don’t know haha. Hopefully that’s how it is. 5k all together.
  18. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Packaging Prices

    Based on the difference between base 2 door and 4 door pricing (about $5000), I think think the 10 speed is $2500 or so. The other $2500 of the remaining difference is consistent with the other trim levels’ 2 door to 4 door price difference. The 2.7L will probably be an additional $1000-1500. So...
  19. Mopar2Bronco2021

    Ford Policy Update: You Can Only Change Your Bronco Dealer ONCE

    Man that would be a beautiful trip for you, I’m jealous. I get to drive through Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma lol.