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  1. LemonShark

    What are your "sacrifices" when thinking about your future toy?

    None in regards to the vehicle. I can get what I want, how I want it. Wait, I'm lying. I want Velocity Blue, but I'm good with Cyber Orange or Area 51. The real sacrifice for me is surrendering to the uncertainty of the delivery process, so time is the sacrifice.
  2. LemonShark

    Spare tire covers

    I want a Luke's Diner tire cover, for Doug Demuro reasons, and also because I'm a Gilmore Girls fan - yeah, I said it! My plan is to have my wife create a hole in the center to accommodate the back-up camera. She has all sorts of impressive fabric skills.
  3. LemonShark

    Official Grill (Cooking outside) Thread!

    Webber kettle. Charcoal. Various forms of wood (that's what she said.)
  4. LemonShark

    How long before it becomes a toy (sbf etc.)

    You won't do it. You don't have the grapes!* *I'm the annoying kid egging you on, just because I want to see it!
  5. LemonShark

    Going over the trims for hours. Can't decide!

    Yeah . . . they are. I'm trying my best to see where I implied the trims weren't relevant? I stated I hadn't looked into them, because *all* the variables aren't yet settled or "confirmed." Research before the details are confirmed aren't "incredibly relevant," to me personally. So I was...
  6. LemonShark

    Going over the trims for hours. Can't decide!

    I have done ZERO research into the difference between the models. I don't really find it to be that relevant until the build and configure tools launch on the Ford site. Then I'll start paying attention. I picked Outer Banks on reserve day, because I liked the blue. That was it. I'll probably...
  7. LemonShark

    Ecoboost Tuning FAQ

    What you felt was most likely the software limiting torque to account for the torque spike on fast spooling, small turbos. While it "felt" like lag, it was the software saving your internals. So, in other words, you're both right? lol The turbo did spool quicker, but you weren't getting all...
  8. LemonShark

    Bronco ride along

    A question and a statement. Question: 1. Why are you getting this awesome opportunity? Statement: Rules were made to be broken! We need intel, man! (full disclosure: I'm a boring rule follower, and would never break any rules. I know. I know. Hypocrite!)
  9. LemonShark

    Drone footage of 2021 Bronco at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

    Wow. Great footage, and what a cool place that is. I've never seen anything quite like it. Yeah, yeah, it's obviously my previous automotive playground is the track. I'll use my Bronco appropriately, I swear! Those dunes look like a LOT of fun, but also rather chaotic. That Bronco was getting...
  10. LemonShark

    Pineapple 🍍 Pizza 🍕 Explained (Pineapple 101)

    I'm almost embarrassed to admit how glad I am you took time to school us newbies. I was googling. Asking my wife, "What new fangled thing are 'the kids' saying about pineapple pizza?" I'm very pleased to learn it's an inside joke.
  11. LemonShark

    Reservation Hysteria Week 3: Keep the dream alive!

    I completely agree. I've actually been MORE sane keeping up with the Brama (Bronco Drama) than I'd had previously been trying to keep track of the real world. It's WAY more fun here in Bronco land.
  12. LemonShark

    Reservation Hysteria Week 3: Keep the dream alive!

    I'm gonna' put that in the positive column. Cheers!
  13. LemonShark

    Reservation Hysteria Week 3: Keep the dream alive!

    Greetings Boys and Girls, Can you believe it? Three weeks since the Bronco was revealed. Just think of all the quality time you've spent here debating trim levels and color choices. Think how many times you've had to see a manual or v8 rant. Good times, friends! This week we had lots of drama...
  14. LemonShark

    Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    I'm just gonna' sit back and eat my Bronco pancakes, as this devolves into bedlam.
  15. LemonShark

    Bronco pancake. Seriously. A Bronco pancake

    I asked, and she said to tweet the questions, and her and a team of corporate lawyers, engineers, and marketing folks will kinda', sorta', maybe answer.
  16. LemonShark

    Bronco pancake. Seriously. A Bronco pancake

    This thing is legit. 2.7 with manual AND 'Squatched - sounds like a V8 somehow Leather AND Marine-Grade Vinyl. Washout floors AND carpet (don't ask how) Black hardtop, body color hardtop, soft top, AND white top Removable seats. Sliding tray - yes, even on the 2-door. What else . . . oh, no...
  17. LemonShark

    Bronco pancake. Seriously. A Bronco pancake

    As I was heading out the door for a run, my wife was making a unicorn pancake for my daughter. I said, "Turn that into a Bronco, and you win the forum today." Apparently, she accepted my challenge. I really like the holes in the door, and the blueberry rocks. No doubt the mold will one day be...
  18. LemonShark

    Warning on Race Red color

    You said "ted talk," I'm saying RED talk.
  19. LemonShark

    Warning on Race Red color

    Missed opportunity. Should've ended: "Thanks for listening to my red talk."
  20. LemonShark

    Which color? Let the kids decide.

    I showed my daughter, "Daddy, can that car fly?" As an old Camaro guy (sorry in advance), I said, "Of course not, honey. It's a Mustang."