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  1. Rednek

    So only 15.8 MPG?

    3hours south
  2. Rednek

    So only 15.8 MPG?

    Wow I'm going to enjoy the great fuel economy while looking killer,compared with the 11mpg my f350 6.2l gets
  3. Rednek

    Watch the 2.3L Bronco reverse up 37 degree Hummer Hill at Moab

    A big raspberry towards the Jeeps?
  4. Rednek

    Bronco/Ford stereo expectations

    Just the base in my 17 fusion is ok,but the base in my 12 F350 sucked so I put in a Alpine system,It seems the factory"base"systems get better year by year.
  5. Rednek

    I hope Ford is listening.

    Waiting for build and price is killing me! And the aftermarket is being real quiet about accessories for the bronco so far.
  6. Rednek

    What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    I think my wife will divorse me if I don't get one,this is the first vehicle in 26yrs she's been as excited as me about.
  7. Rednek

    Exclusive 6+ Minutes of Bronco Badlands Rock Crawling Action on Rubicon Trail

    Hmm were they using the trail turn control on some of the runs? Just watch the last vid he made it look easy.
  8. Rednek

    2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    Any plans by ford to make a heavy duty roof rack that will hold more then a pair of socks and a latte?
  9. Rednek

    CNBC: Why Ford Is Betting Big On Its Bronco Revival

    hey you see that heep wobbling in the corner?lol
  10. Rednek

    Soft Top

    just hold us upside down and shake away ford
  11. Rednek

    Trail Badge for the Bronco?

  12. Rednek

    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Bronco in place of this?
  13. Rednek

    Bronco6G is making its rounds in the mainstream media

    I've also noticed a lot of Youtubers when you search Bronco news will be using this site like it's there own breaking news story,instant thumbs down for knowing less then me.
  14. Rednek

    sasquatch + snow

    In western Canada we live in igloos most of the year lol,but I run 35/1250r18 general grabber AT2 with studs in winter on my S/D they work good but noisy as heck on pavement
  15. Rednek

    Big Bend Bronco Thread

    I reserved a 4dr BB so I can get the mid package but all I need from that is the 110v plug in,is real handy in my current truck.May change to Base with squatch if can get other items separately.
  16. Rednek

    Adding/changing Items a la carte AFTER PURCHASE & drain plug differences?

    Cant say for sure until we get some more info in manuals at work,but most vehicles used a different trim panel that may include other modules to change(like the trim on my Fusion would include the heater control module also)
  17. Rednek

    Towing capacity poll

    Having to do trade offs kind of sucks but the offroad ability of the suspension is what i'm after.I'll be installing a roof top tent and getting a lighter trailer to haul my side by side on,as for other hauling I will still have the old S/D as it hauls good but sucks offroad.(too dam big!)
  18. Rednek

    Adding/changing Items a la carte AFTER PURCHASE & drain plug differences?

    with a lot of the upgrades they can be enabled in there respective control modules by us dealers using fdrs or Forscan,they try to keep the parts fairly standard across a line.only exception I've seen is audio system upgrades that will need extra modules and harnesses.
  19. Rednek

    False Alarm Doh! Bronco Build and Price Configurator Live by September at the Latest

    Actual footage of Mike Levine reading posts
  20. Rednek

    Bronco Memes Being Posted in Jeep Groups

    I think they should have named the sport "Bronco II"like the mid 80s flop that this one will imitate