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  1. AcenTitus

    Area 51 thread

    Aaaand this is back on my short list. Great job!
  2. AcenTitus

    Roof off security

    I read something about a proximity alarm as well. Makes my brain jump to the connectivity Ford has with their app and starts me off down a path like the Ring doorbell where you can receive notifications and talk through it. Imagine someone poking their head into your Bronco, your phone notifying...
  3. AcenTitus

    Different Trims with 33s and Sasquatch Renderings

    Looks like this was probably answered already but it got kind of technical, so for simple yes/no thinking: can you just slap 33s on any trim (aftermarket if not from factory) and be good to go without making any other changes to gearing and whatnot?
  4. AcenTitus

    Pics: Bronco Battle Scars From Completing Rubicon Trail

    I'd read that as well.
  5. AcenTitus

    Big Bend Bronco Thread

    I reserved the Big Bend on the 14th and quickly started considering moving up to the OBX since the automatic transmission and the mid package come standard. I started looking at build and price on some other Ford vehicles though and I think I might be able to add both of those and (if the price...
  6. AcenTitus

    False Alarm Doh! Bronco Build and Price Configurator Live by September at the Latest

    Someone may have pointed this out already but that may have been kind of genius on his part. We're now rejoicing about next month instead of this month simply because it's not 4 months. Good game! (I may be attributing a more Machiavellian edge to this than there is but it seemed worth thinking...
  7. AcenTitus

    Fluid leak/dealer shenanigans?

    I've had this car serviced at that dealership before when it was under warranty so I didn't think much of it
  8. AcenTitus

    Fluid leak/dealer shenanigans?

    Yeah I'd be happy with what Shift estimated. The dealership was offering literally half which was pretty ridiculous. They were the ones who reached out to me! Waste of time but at least I learned beyond any doubt that I am not going to prefer a Wrangler over the Bronco
  9. AcenTitus

    Fluid leak/dealer shenanigans?

    No sunroof and the liquid was black which makes me think oil except it was by the front and back driver side wheels which I found puzzling
  10. AcenTitus

    Fluid leak/dealer shenanigans?

    Yeah it did. Seems to be fine now though. @Dlerojo might be on to something too. Would make sense if I ran through oil, lost control then it dripped off. Fingers crossed. I've got stuff under the car to see if I can catch anything else coming off it or not. Thanks for the input. Hey guys is it...
  11. AcenTitus

    Fluid leak/dealer shenanigans?

    I've recently started thinking about cashing in on the value of my Challenger while dealerships are hungry for stock and buy a beater SUV for cheap and start learning the trails in my area. I sent pictures and my VIN to Shift who I've had good experiences with in the past. They estimate (pending...
  12. AcenTitus

    2 door rear seats NOT removable

    You are aptly named, Bullseye, cause you just nailed it. Dead on. I'm still hopeful between now and ordering time we see something like this offered from the factory.
  13. AcenTitus

    August 1st + No Build and Price = Apocalypse?

    Anybody else started building and pricing other Fords to get a sense of what to expect? The fact that adding the rear diff lock on the Ranger costs $420 made me hopeful I'll be able to throw that on my Big Bend and avoid having to move up to the Black Diamond which might push me just over my...
  14. AcenTitus

    Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    I'm a big fan of this color. Thinking about this and getting red accents inside the trail sights and figuring out a way to get red seats. I'm worried I might not like it as much with the molded in gray hardtop though. I really wish that was black. Feels like that contrast would look much...
  15. AcenTitus

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    My dealer assured me changing trims was not a problem when it comes time to order and I have seen this confirmed multiple times on the forums. You're all good!
  16. AcenTitus

    Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    So after practically finishing the internet (I've watched a LOT of Bronco videos) trying to determine what I really wanted out of my Bronco as someone who has never done any off roading, I started looking into what I'd need to start off roading and went down that rabbit hole. My original plan...
  17. AcenTitus

    Wish list: Alternative to Slide out tray for 2-Door

    Epic! Exactly! See now I want one designed for this vehicle so that it perfectly fits the width of the Bronco's cargo area to plug that lowered section and include a cushion that fills the space between the raised up edges so it's a comfortable level surface. (Or I would if I thought there were...
  18. AcenTitus

    Wish list: Alternative to Slide out tray for 2-Door

    I'll add this, lest anyone see this thread as me complaining: I am getting this 2-Door Bronco. I am ridiculously excited and know that future me is getting my keys and overwhelmed by how cool this thing is (an experience I was blessed enough to have about 5 years ago when I bought my...
  19. AcenTitus

    Wish list: Alternative to Slide out tray for 2-Door

    As far as a dog getting up there on its own, I'd bet someone makes a fold up ramp that folds to a depth of 4" and fills the space perfectly. And by "I bet" I mean "someone please do this and if I gave you the idea maybe give me a percentage or just a free Bronco dog ramp" (bonus points if the...
  20. AcenTitus

    Wish list: Alternative to Slide out tray for 2-Door

    The fit is straight up magic with their seat set up! I know there are a thousand considerations and every inch moved one place might bump something out of whack 3 feet farther up so I don't expect any major alterations to what they've built to accommodate the minor(?) rumblings I've seen...