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  1. edgeflyer

    So before we order, will we actually have ????

    @Granger Ford , will the $100 deposit show a line item credit on the final invoice?
  2. edgeflyer

    Has anyone used the Bronco SPORT Build tool for idea on options pricing?

    I love good speakers and are a must in all my vehicles. That being said, I was on the fence about moving from high to lux with the upgraded speakers being the only reason for paying for lux. I went to listen to the B&O in the Ranger and it SUCKED! I would have asked for a refund of I ordered a...
  3. edgeflyer

    Break-in period?

    Yeah, just drive it. Side roads would be good. The motor will eventually break in. I would wait to put the 37's on.
  4. edgeflyer

    Who’s buying aftermarket wheels / tires for their Bronco?

    Jeez beachman, there are kids on this forum!
  5. edgeflyer

    Break-in period?

    I don't baby new engines and I build race motors including 16,500 rpm superbike engines. That being said, rpm's aren't the key to breakin. Engine load is. Lots of go pedal at low to mid rpm builds the cylinder pressure that will produce the best power and fuel economy. Another less talked about...
  6. edgeflyer

    Break-in period?

    It won't hurt it to do a 1000 mile freeway drive, but you should load it up often. Modern engines don't have the break-in window that old motors do, so maximum power and fuel economy will just take longer to realize.
  7. edgeflyer

    Texas City/Area Master Roll Call

    Edgeflyer - Montgomery
  8. edgeflyer

    Birth of a "Wildlands"

    Doug? Got enough server space?
  9. edgeflyer

    Birth of a "Wildlands"

    I'm 99% going with aftermarket wheels from my Squatch that I would list and maybe want to swap Squatch fenders for non Squatch. I think it could be fun.
  10. edgeflyer

    Birth of a "Wildlands"

    The modular black top will be available for the Badlands. I see an opportunity to create a swap section on here for us to swap grills, flares, wheels an tires etc. The modular concept means we could save ourselves a lot of money and maybe get that grill you wanted that doesn't come on the...
  11. edgeflyer

    Video: The 3 test Broncos have moved on from Rubicon to Moab!

    Was he in a Jeep? I wouldn't try either.
  12. edgeflyer

    5 seats in 2 door?

    Aaah, makes sense. Thanks.
  13. edgeflyer

    5 seats in 2 door?

    Has it been addressed why the 2 door isn't available with a 3 person rear seat like the 4 door? I'd pay for that as an option. I have 3 kids and a 4 door isn't an option.
  14. edgeflyer

    Who plans to purchase aftermarket wheels and and keep factory tires?

    Man, I was so happy that Ford didn't go over 17". I saw a rendering of a big wheel Bronco and it turned my stomach.
  15. edgeflyer

    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    Thanks for y'all's work on this. Truly appreciated!
  16. edgeflyer

    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    So, hypothetically, what happens is you lose your job, or an act of God makes purchase unobtainable at that point?
  17. edgeflyer

    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    Done. Is the plan to get a contract signed with the dealer? I have a decent deal with my local and I would hate for prices to change after the October deadline and be locked in to a dealer that modify's the price or now has dealer add ons. Thanks!!
  18. edgeflyer

    Granger Ford - terminology for non car people

    Is a dealer forced to provide X plan pricing if Ford offers it? I was quoted 500 over invoice. Would I be able to force X Plan price if I stick with them?
  19. edgeflyer

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    Levine: They just won't let up on the 2.7 Squatch with manual Ford: Make a video of that turney thing Two days later.... Levine: Don't worry about that manual option anymore...