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  1. DingoDog

    Big Bend Bronco Thread

    Thanks I just swore it was auto
  2. DingoDog

    Big Bend Bronco Thread

    What transmission comes standard on the 4 door Big Bend? I thought it was an auto but saw somewhere else it’s a 7MT
  3. DingoDog

    Sasquatch vs Raptor ride quality?

    I would imagine it’s closer to the Raptor, both having IFS. The wranglers solid axle and notorious death wobble make the ride more rough. It’s hard to tell in a truck most people have not drive yet though
  4. DingoDog

    "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    Yes I was really hoping for a green
  5. DingoDog

    Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    Ya im really dissappointed this isn't a dark gray/gunmetal like on their website. May rethink my color
  6. DingoDog

    Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    Looks like the soft that’s folded down
  7. DingoDog

    Compare Models Link

    It shows the 4 door Big Bend and Black Diamond come standard with the 7mt. So I believe this isn’t 100% accurate
  8. DingoDog

    Bronco colorizer now shows standard roofs on the 2 door

    That gray really does look horrible. I keep thinking of a soft top now. Or just putting Line-X on the hard top
  9. DingoDog

    Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    Break out the Herculiner boys
  10. DingoDog

    Color Matched Hardtop vs Stock Carbonized Gray

    It’s listed every where as Carbonized Gray. Some pictures do look darker/more black. Most pics and even on the Ford website it’s gray even with black door handles which is weird
  11. DingoDog

    Real World Towing

    So it seems like I should be good, I guess? I don’t know about a sway control hitch can it be used with a WDH?
  12. DingoDog

    Real World Towing

    Will do. I’ll be getting the 4door so it will help some with the wheelbase
  13. DingoDog

    Real World Towing

    I can understand that on bigger campers but on a smaller one I wouldn’t imagine it would be that high maybe I’m wrong thanks for the insight
  14. DingoDog

    Real World Towing

    So I’m wanting to get a Bronco and I’m also wanting to get a camper around the same time. I’m looking at a camper that is 2400-2800 lbs. I can’t imagine all the other gear being more than a couple hundred pounds. I’m new to campers and hauling for 5-6 hour long trips. I haul my boat but only...
  15. DingoDog

    What is your preferred Ford dealer in Ga.

    Mike Burch in Blackshear has no mark up, honor X-plan, free nation wide delivery, and they are giving free weather tech mats for both rows. They are close to me but that all sounds good to me
  16. DingoDog

    2 Dr/4 Dr Engine differences

    2dr and 4dr Black Diamond come with the 2.3 standard. No difference. You can opt for the 2.7 on both
  17. DingoDog

    Is anyone having trouble deciding between 2-door and 4-door?

    Nope, the new baby made that decision for me.
  18. DingoDog

    Colors molded trim and roof colors

    That’s the painted top not MIC(molded in color)
  19. DingoDog

    Rear Axle Ratio Questions

    What’s with the outer banks and big bend having the two options for Auto Trans? What is it dependent on? Or can you choose when ordering