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  1. jtzako

    Any disadvantage with Swaybar disconnect?

    If they designed it right the default position is locked. If the hydraulic or electronics just cut out it should stay locked. Besides, the suspension on the bronco looks like it would be just fine even on the highway with no swaybar if it did somehow disconnect at speed. Worst case just dont...
  2. jtzako

    BIG TIRES SUCK! And Here's Why :-)

    Bigger tires look better on some vehicles and they can allow you to get over a larger step/obstacle but they do reduce suspension travel before the tire hits inside the wheel well. I havent decided on SQ BD yet or not but I'm leaning towards 33s.
  3. jtzako

    Factory bumper with a winch or something different???

    Might void the warranty on the bumper. They cant universally void a warranty though (at least in the US).
  4. jtzako

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    It allows you to take a tighter turn than you normally could. An example would be tight switchbacks that would normally require a multipoint turn.
  5. jtzako

    Bronco Sport vs. Bronco Considerations - Thoughts?

    Basically, if you want to go proper offroading (not just bumpy dirt roads) the big bronco is probably best. The Sport should be better for pretty much everything else. It is more capable than the 2017 Escape I had for a while (daily driver) and I took that on some pretty rough dirt roads even...
  6. jtzako

    Road manners / ride quality of new 2021 Bronco?

    Some of the highway manners comes from wheelbase. Longer will be less twitchy (left/right) and less choppy (front/back). Tire size will matter too but a 33" ist going to be much worse than a 32 if it is even noticeable. Even on E rated (stiff sidewall) 33" Duratracs the ride is fine on my...
  7. jtzako

    Power folding mirrors.. not an option?

    Kindof on the wide side of things. I think a typical single car garage opening is only about 92 or so. The odd thing is that my Xterra is narrower and yet it feels really close when pulling into an 8ft opening. Its never been an issue but it certainly looks, from the driver seat, like there is...
  8. jtzako

    Power folding mirrors.. not an option?

    As long as they dont resist folding back to vigorously I dont mind not being powered. If I hit the side of the garage that should fold it in for me. (my xterra barely fits, I think the bronco is going to be worse)
  9. jtzako

    Adaptive cruise control - standalone option?

    Its certainly possible but the system that is on the 2017 Escape and similar model year Acura cars (the most recent ones I've used) are pretty bad at it.
  10. jtzako

    Adaptive cruise control - standalone option?

    I dont like it on any car I've driven with it. If the road has any sort of curves the cruise control will constantly be letting off the gas or even taping the brake due to it detecting cars in the other lanes (or in some cases objects along the side of the road). I'm sure its fine if you...
  11. jtzako

    Grumblings from the Land Rover "Defender" community, they want a Bronco

    The newer version of the air suspension (which the new defender has) isnt a main concern of mine, it supposedly is pretty reliable. (and has 'overflow' to push the opposite wheel down when one side is stuffed to improve traction) As for the box, that is an accessory and you can take it off...
  12. jtzako

    Grumblings from the Land Rover "Defender" community, they want a Bronco

    I'd go for the new defender 110 in a heartbeat if it wasnt so expensive and likely to have problems. (to buy and own) I prefer how it looks and love the air suspension it has.
  13. jtzako

    Towing capacity poll

    Definitely, the 4dr has a longer wheelbase than my Xterra and I have 5000lbs towing. (with a weaker engine/trans too)
  14. jtzako

    Towing capacity poll

    I can only guess that it is the suspension that is the issue. The height and wheel base should not be an issue for towing more than 3500lbs. The frame, engine and transmission should be plenty strong enough as well.
  15. jtzako

    why is the swaybar disconnect said not to be on the wildtrax?

    Swaybar disconnect is more useful for difficult trails (like tippy spot, rocks etc). It isnt a big deal for the vast majority of people.
  16. jtzako

    Pics: Badlands Swaybar Reconnects at 20 MPH (Broncos Spotted Off-Road With Nomad Outfitters)

    I have the swaybars off of my xterra also but I also have uprated suspension (stiffer springs in the front especially to help w/ bumper and winch). It is noticeable on a tall vehicle for sure and if the Bronco suspension is softer than mine (which it seems likely to be based on what we've...
  17. jtzako

    What are you plugging into the Aux switches?

    For me it depends on what sort of factory options there are. If there is a factory onboard air I wont need an aux switch for that (unless it uses one of the spots). Same with some lights etc. I will have onboard air no matter what though so that is one potential. The winch? kindof similar...
  18. jtzako

    White Top Resale Value?

    How could we possibly know? We dont even know how much the new-from-ford top costs.
  19. jtzako

    Confirmed: Sliding Tray not available for 2 door Bronco

    Totally.. I mean, why even have rear seats in a 2door? can anyone other than kids even get in there? :))
  20. jtzako

    Pics: Badlands Swaybar Reconnects at 20 MPH (Broncos Spotted Off-Road With Nomad Outfitters)

    Seems like a good idea. If you forgot to reconnect and went out on a highway (especially curvy ones up in the mountains like where I go) it might be a bit bottom-clenching.