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  1. WildTrak

    Fantasy Football League

    Just create a new one just for Fantasy Football... took like 30 seconds...
  2. WildTrak

    Fantasy Football League

    Thanks for doing this... a great idea and a clever way to pass the time while we wait for Order time!
  3. WildTrak

    Fantasy Football League

    I’m in! I hope there is football too. Side bet that if Rodgers has a better year than Mahomes, I get your reservation #.... :-) Well, that’s assuming its earlier than 91 minutes after reveal...
  4. WildTrak

    What do all of us future Bronco owners do for a living?

    LOL! i feel I am the same ... just with Tequila. Boy, if I could somehow find a way to get paid to taste tequila... 'retirement' here I come... I am sure High Proof can hook us up. If it helps, I have impeccable taste.... look at where I am and how much I love the Bronco! :)
  5. WildTrak

    Lightweight Overlanding Camper/trailers ideal for BRONCO

    So many cool options. Thanks to all who have posted ideas and options. Researching these is great way to productively pass the time until we get more Bronco news! I hope we get a lot more posting real life experiences with their choices.
  6. WildTrak


    This is frickin’ hilarious! :)
  7. WildTrak

    Wisconsin Roll Call

    Nice to see the Wisconsin traffic picking up. I have bought a few vehicles from Bergstrom in Madison. They were OK, but I don’t see them coming close to Granger. Please keep us posted.
  8. WildTrak

    Wisconsin Roll Call

    Transfer to Granger... no question, no hassle, no worry.
  9. WildTrak


    You spelled Granger wrong.... and if I know Albert., he is relentless and going to be pissed! OK, maybe not. :-)
  10. WildTrak

    Cash Vs Bank

    This thread reminds me of all the $$$$ i have wasted on car payments over the years. Some were worth it, others I don’t think i can remember a single day with. There is nothing wrong with stretching to buy something you really want, just make its what you want, you will get a lot of use out of...
  11. WildTrak

    Invoice Pricing- False Advertisement? Granger & Georgia

    If $1,000 below invoice is Granger's 'regular' price, can you imagine the Black Friday special? I am hoping for 'buy a 4 door, get a 2 door for 50% off'. 😇
  12. WildTrak

    1984 Movie Romancing the Stone "Little Mule"

    we are a sophisticated group, we require video! :-)
  13. WildTrak

    Invoice Pricing- False Advertisement? Granger & Georgia

    He was probably just talking about Wally Ford who works over at the local Jeep dealer. :)
  14. WildTrak

    What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    There have to be quite a few female Bronco fans on this forum with almost 10K members. Some must be single. Come on ladies, PM Nick.... he loves Broncos AND is a moderator. :) P.S. Oh and you get bonus points if you have a car he can use.
  15. WildTrak

    What does your wife think of the new Bronco?

    My wife was pretty skeptical about my enthusiasm pre-reveal. A lot of the spy shots were, lets say, not very flattering. She knows I have a short attention span and was thinking that during reveal I would change my mind. We watched the reveal together and then immediately she was my partner...
  16. WildTrak

    How is everyone doing?

    $503 million dollars??! Mahomes is still the protege and Rodgers is the mentor... Oh and i am doing ok. :)
  17. WildTrak

    Congratulations to our new overlords

    Congrats! Only one question, who is going to moderate the moderator? :)
  18. WildTrak

    Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    One of the things I love about the Bronco, can go from mild to extra spicy, rugged to classy, DD to weekend warrior, and just about everything in between with just a little configuration.