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  1. How do you change your dealer? Not seeing it on the website. Also - any concerns with waiting to change dealers in October?

    I suppose I could call Ford, but figured it would make sense to make a thread so others are in the loop. I am not seeing a function on my account / my reservation on the website. For those that changed it, did you have to call Fords # on the reservation? Question #2 - Does it make a difference...
  2. What about the highway driving experience?

    Same. OBX ressie, and very curious. It would be great to get a Db reading of an OBX hardtop at 70/75/80 mph and compare to a say, a Sahara hard top.
  3. Vote on top questions for Ford Bronco Ride Along Event

    Great list. But didn’t like 5 people ask about wind noise? Not sure if they have a hard top or will take it on highway speeds. Or if it’s just such a subjective question with too many variables (tire size etc etc) that the question fell off the list.
  4. 2021 Bronco Crash Tests and Safety Ratings

    Resurrecting this thread Do we have anymore color on how the “safety canopy” works? It says front and rear but unclear if that’s both above and to the side of the occupants heads? Also do we know when/if/required? Ford will release crash test results? Would we have this before we place our...
  5. Hard top has rain management design to keep water out of cabin when opening door

    Good to know. Plan on having a hard top parked in the driveway for 10 years (and we don’t have a garage). I was a little concerned with leaks over time.
  6. Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    I think most negative reactions are because the car is painted black. All the details are hidden. If this were painted in a bright COLOR, the roof/grille/running board would all pop and be complementary to even out the look. With everything cloaked in black, it reads more as typical suv, and...
  7. Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    I would be surprised to find out that you would need to step up to have dual tops to get a painted top (body color, or white, for that matter). Very few people want to store a second top, or have the space for it. Dont you think Ford wants more cars rolling around with a finished painted top (to...
  8. Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    Anyone getting this car for family hauler / road trips? How bad do you think the road noise will be at highway speeds with toddlers sleeping in the back? (Assuming 32s, hardtop, high package for sound deadening)? ...never spent enough time in a Wrangler with my 'dad' goggles to get a decent...
  9. 2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    WIND NOISE, specifically at HIGHWAY speeds (70/80 MPH) with the hardtop. Not sure what what model/tire setup you're testing, or if it will have high trim (sound deadening) so please specify. Really hope an OBX with 32 ATs and hard top is still fairly bearable as a family road tripper.
  10. Antimatter Blue Thread

    you mean of the photos (leaked or official) of Broncos with the white tops, none have been badlands so far? i think that mock configurator that another user decoded did not specify white tops for any trim, so it's still a total mystery.
  11. Antimatter Blue Thread

    Why do you think Ford is restricting color combinations? First I've heard about it.
  12. Antimatter Blue Thread

    too light. probably velocity (which is also available on F150)
  13. Antimatter Blue Thread

    If i do go antimatter, i am very curious/excited to see what the configurator allows us to do (white top/white grille?). IMO, this color needs to be toned down with those things, or else it wont work for me. Thats not to say that this color would look really good if you wanted to have a stealthy...
  14. Antimatter Blue Thread

    Reminds me of bmws imperial blue metallic. Black in the shade, pops of blue in the light. Not sure if it was discontinued but I saw a lot of this in 2016-2018 model years, X5s and 5 series especially
  15. Antimatter Blue Thread

    Found on insta
  16. Driving 80+ mph on highway with new Bronco?

    I hope so. This is serving as the family truckster! Sticking with OBX on 32s with hardtop, high pack/sound deadening.
  17. Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    I hear you. See me second post above regarding Option C. If I buy-out AFTER the extension, it sounds like it would have no financial impact, per my post above. I think?? So if anything it gives me the opportunity of potentially not having to buy at all if the Bronco is ready by 8/28....and...
  18. Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    Ha! Well you are probably in a easier spot than me, if you could extend MTM beyond November. My lease is up end of Feb. FYI to save you some time, JPMorgan finances Subarus, and they are the decision makers on capping the lease at 6 months. Other car companies, like Audi, allow up to 12. You...
  19. Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    Thanks. So really, Option C - extend lease, and if 6 months isnt enough, buy it out after the 6 months, and flip to Ford when the Bronco is ready. This may make the most sense, since my buy-out will go down every month i extend. And for what it's worth, I will pay less tax given the buy out will...
  20. Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    For total transparency I have a 2018 Outback Limited 2.5l w/ eyesight. Basically loaded. The lease is up on 2/28/21. Subaru is allowing me to extend for 6 months (month to month), but no later than that. My Bronco reservation was 11pm EST night of reveal, so really 50/50 that i get it by...