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  1. Bukin67

    Pics: Bronco Battle Scars From Completing Rubicon Trail

    The Rubi is a great place to test the crawling capabilities. I'm curious what model and options are on that pony.
  2. Bukin67

    [Latest Update: See Post #335] Ford Revises Bronco Reservation FAQ -- You Now Can Only Change Your Dealer At Time Of Final Order.

    I haven't heard from my dealer at all. I know they're not making much on the reserved ones, but they need to take care of customer service regardless.
  3. Bukin67

    Rare Hands On Review of 2021 Bronco From Reveal Event w/ Cactus Gray White Top Pics!

    I'm hoping for more of a finished look after the top removal. At least space the spot welds evenly. It looks like it needs something there to give it the $50k look
  4. Bukin67

    Pics: Black Bronco Wildtrak (w/ Sasquatch Package) in Public Parking Lot

    Nice to see one out there being driven, even if it's just getting grocery-getter testing done.
  5. Bukin67

    2.3 EcoBoost vs 2.7 EcoBoost - Poll

    2.7 because it's the biggest I can get for desert running