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  1. BlueBronco

    NM Dealerships

    I believe the dealerships had to opt-in to the reservation program. They may have chosen to sit this one out.
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    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    "Anybody else getting over the initial hype?" No, next question.
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    Get Badlands or go with lower trim + aftermarket parts?

    If you are going to essentially replicate the BL then no way it will be cheaper. People need to ask themselves what their true intentions with the Bronco is going to be and gear it towards that. The BL is a lot of rig and overkill for most people on here. My Jeep with just a rear locker...
  4. BlueBronco

    Did Ford make a mistake bolting the spare directly to tailgate?

    I have not been unfortunate enough to have a flat while off-roading. *knocks on wood* However, depending on the situation, I am hopefully winching myself outta the mud or off the rocks first. I guess I should have said your bad day is gong to get worse if you gotta lay down in the mud/rocks...
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    Why I changed my order from OB to Badlands! Thanks for Opening my eyes!!

    @Gpscharron For the reasons you listed you may be better with a Black Diamond and adding some bigger wheels and options. The BL is built for rock crawling (see the Moab and Rubicon vids) and sounds like it will be more rig than you need. Don't spend money on stuff you don't need and will...
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    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    No confirmation email or response issued. However, I checked and verified we received your response on the 2nd survey.
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    Pic of the Day: 2021 Bronco Lends Jeep a Friendly Tow

    Technically, it looks like the Bronco is providing an anchor for the Jeeps winch and not a tow.
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    What will you first do after delivery?

    The wife and I will probably troll a Jeep dealership by seeing how much they will give me if I trade it in. j/k Get back to the house, strip her down and then take her for a ride. Then when done see if the wife wants to help me take the top and doors off and go for a cruise.
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    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    PM me your reservation number and I will get it updated. Maybe not, but having a reservation tells us as a group that you are more likely to commit to a purchase and are not just filling out a survey for fun.
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    Carvana- selling your car without trading in

    Was going to bring up the tax credit as well. When you trade in a car you only pay the taxes on the difference between the sales price and the trade-in amount. Each situation is going to be different for everyone. Best to whip up a spreadsheet and see what will work best for you.
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    Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    This is not true. We are not leaning towards any dealerships and have not even begun our dealership selection/evaluation process yet. We have only taken some suggestions from members and have added them to our list of dealers to be considered. Rumors like these only hurt our negotiating...
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    Did Ford make a mistake bolting the spare directly to tailgate?

    The gate mount is the only realistic option. Throw a 35 in the cargo area and you have no more room for gear. Mount it underneath like most suv/trucks and you are in for a really bad day if you get a flat while stuck in mud/ruts or a harry rock crawl/trail situation. I have had a 35 on my...
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    Modular Hard Top question

    Guess I need to go watch some Moab vids, err, I mean do some research
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    Modular Hard Top question

    Are we sure the modular top has 2 pieces over the driver/front passenger? Similar to Jeeps Freedom tops? I like the idea of the versatility of the modular top but thought the piece over the driver/passenger was one removable piece, second row was a removable piece and then the clam shell in...
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    Jeep owners - why are you excited about the new Bronco?

    Understand that we need those soccer mom's buying Broncos so it is a viable vehicle for Ford. Same with Jeeps. Those soccer mom's then trade'em in after a few years and supply the used car market with un-abused mostly stock models for the enthusiast to mod Back on topic. As a Jeep guy, from...
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    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    1. Response to follow-up survey, no not yet. response to "contact me, yes, however, we have had an overwhelming response and have since learned that Google limits the amount of email / surveys that can be sent out in a day. Give it a couple of days from when you filled out the "contact me"...
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    I hope Ford is listening.

    @Bronc-O I had actually floated the larger Bronco idea in another thread and called it the Bronco Excursion. As I was typing the post in this thread about not using legacy names, the XL hit me and I kinda like it. And Ford already uses XL to designate the long version of the Expedition
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    Invoice Pricing- False Advertisement? Granger & Georgia

    But, but he only has some reservations left and he is willing to let you reserve one. Sounds like a good guy to me. /Sarc And they wonder why we are doing what we are doing down here inTexas
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    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    At the risk of losing some participation in the TX buy, I would say yes. Cali and Texas have been running neck and neck on the reservation tracker so that would be the next most logical State to try and put together a deal. As far as shipping, from my experience and what people have been...
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    You're Invited to Join the Texas Bronco Volume Buyer's Group [Groupbuy]

    Everyone, if you do have a contact at a dealership and you think that person may be of help you can send that contact info to @Foordbrawnco. We will add them to our list of dealers and evaluate them based on the criteria we are developing. We ask that you do not send our contact to...