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  1. Gene Dios

    Trail Turn Assist demonstrated with Bronco Sasquatch 4-Door

    Curious to see what happens with this on pavement.
  2. Gene Dios

    California Check-in

    Another Bay Area here. Need to start spit balling names for our bronco club 😀
  3. Gene Dios

    What will you first do after delivery?

    Thinking about doing some sort of rust protection treatment to the undercarriage first while everything is still fairly clean. I live in CA but plan on offroading with it as much as I can. Doesn't hurt to protect it from rust as early as possible. Need to look into options more however.
  4. Gene Dios

    Anyone else want to make the new bronco a 1st gen homage?

    This exact color blocking is what I'm hoping for. Although I'll still be going for badlands +sasquach, I think it'll be cool with the throwback either way. If white top and accent customizing isn't attainable I'll probably just go with white, black top. I'll share some photoshop mocks here in...
  5. Gene Dios

    What are your "sacrifices" when thinking about your future toy?

    I'm sacrificing thousands of dollars.
  6. Gene Dios SWAG - Stickers, T Shirts, Banners, Flags, Purses, Bronco6G Whiskey, etc

    Imagine being one of those people that's diametrically opposed to pineapple on pizza but is also super into bronco and the 6G community. 🤣
  7. Gene Dios

    Northern California dealership discussion

    Not that I've seen. My res is with Livermore and I haven't heard anything from them. And I won't even consider San Leandro.
  8. Gene Dios

    Removable fender flares

    Absolutely nothing stopping you from removing them. If you'd like to drive your bronco on roads however, your local /state laws will probably have you getting pulled over soon after.
  9. Gene Dios

    Videos & pics: Even more Bronco prototypes converge on Moab + Rock Crawling Videos

    Broncos are neat 👍 Videos from Moab! Specs of the 3 Broncos repeated from the Rubicon threads: 4-Door (non Sasquatch) specs: Badlands, manual transmission, optional 33" Goodyear MT tires, Ford Performance beadlock wheels & rings. The manual transmission on the Badlands has a 4.70 gear ratio...
  10. Gene Dios

    Am i the only person who wants to see an aux fuel tank?

    It is spendy but as an alternative to an extended tank from factory, it's definitely cheaper. If we're talking one option vs another for extra gas.
  11. Gene Dios

    Badlands Bronco Thread

    On my 2018 Ford Explorer there's brightness up and down buttons on the dash panel left of steering wheel. The lowest brightness setting is damn near zero backlight and not bothersome in the slightest. Much smaller than 12 inches though if course.
  12. Gene Dios

    Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    4 door is long enough to sleep in though. The roof probably needs an aftermarket mod to accommodate a legit rooftop tent. Not that I really want one on top anyway. Of course you can always set up a normal tent but that's not always an option, especially in California when everything is booked...
  13. Gene Dios

    **VOTE HERE** Top color choice for your 2021 ford BRONCO

    Ha, you and I are eyeing the same three colors. Race red looks great, just depends on the white top and accent color option.
  14. Gene Dios

    Broke my own rule of never buying first year

    I think it'll be fine. It's a body on frame vehicle and when you look at the longevity and the numbers Ford has sold over the years, you could easily argue that they make the best trucks in the world. The updated ranger has been good from what I've seen. The 2.7 is really impressive in the f150...
  15. Gene Dios

    CACTUS GRAY THREAD!!!! if you’re choosing cactus gray lemme know. I think it’s the best color available at the moment.
  16. Gene Dios

    Grille options thoughts?

    Am I trippin? This clearly looks like area 51 to me.
  17. Gene Dios

    Bronco Trail Turn Assist Demonstrated

    If I remember correctly it's equipped on the badlands and the control is on the top rubber panel alongside diff locks and electronic disconnect.
  18. Gene Dios

    Giveaway: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    Would you mind sharing which printing service you guys went with for these? I'm illustrating a bronco sticker right now.