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  1. JimmyDean

    buying an 83 Bronco tomorrow

    don't know on the mileage yet, no fuel gauge. today is first real day on the road, so far no issues after about 30 miles of commuting and errands.
  2. JimmyDean

    Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    very likely yes, the rear seat in the two door would be constrained by the wheel wells, whereas in the 4door the wheel wells will be fully behind the seats.
  3. JimmyDean

    Ford's Leadership and Financial Situation Effect On Bronco

    but are you doing the same job? that increase was likely largely in part to jobs and promotions.
  4. JimmyDean

    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    out of all the options I saw on that site, I like the stockers the best.
  5. JimmyDean

    Old Bronco resale?

    I paid 4500 for a running/driving 331 stroked '86 Bronco on Saturday. mostly stock (not my avatar Bronco). with some issues, windows not working, no a/c, no radio., but body is fairly solid, minor rst, fresh fact-o-bake type paint job.
  6. JimmyDean

    Acceptable odometer reading (can dealers test drive orders before customer pickup) ?

    I bought my '02 F-150 with 3.5 miles on it. And 1 mile was the saleman driving it to an empty parking lot to make sure I could drive a stick, and two miles was my test drive and drive back to the dealership. And that wasn't an ordered truck, was just what was on the lot. I would accept...
  7. JimmyDean

    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    that is definately the upper limit on rim size, Drim =< Rtire
  8. JimmyDean

    Bronco "Interactive Garage" lets you color and modify with aftermarket parts

    man, 17s are too big. you need some MEAT on those tires man! 15s! no more! (i kid I kid)., looks good, minus the headlights lol. I'm not about that angry heep thing.
  9. JimmyDean

    Man but FSBs have gone up in price

    ended up with an 86 331 stroker truck, in decent condition, driveable, for the price.
  10. JimmyDean

    Why do they have such a hard time deciding to put the 5.0 in?

    I really don't get all the desire for a 5.0 in this Bronco. why settle? 7.3 Godzilla club all the way!!
  11. JimmyDean

    buying an 83 Bronco tomorrow

    not sure I know exactly what you mean, tbh I do not know my Bronco's as good as I know my mustangs. Just that 1st gen is 66-77, 2nd is 78/79, bullnose is 80-86 and the rest look like shit so who cares about anything 87+? (until 2021, those look nice....) Oh, and I think I get ya, the ad was...
  12. JimmyDean

    buying an 83 Bronco tomorrow

    yeah, there's a number of them around. the t-bird isn't mine, borrowing that from my mom until I have this B ready for the road, insurance, title, what not. I also have a POS 250 that is getting sold as soon as it is out of the shop, was my dd. you can see my 82 bronco (avatar truck), can...
  13. JimmyDean

    buying an 83 Bronco tomorrow

    And it handles great, wheel is light as a feather. It has brand spanking new 33 MTs, no leaks except front diff, auto hubs that work, no working a/c though, no radio, windows don’t all work properly, but I’ve spares for much of that. All in all I think it’s a solid deal.
  14. JimmyDean

    what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    A bronco. Just picked another up today to be my dd.
  15. JimmyDean

    buying an 83 Bronco tomorrow

    Thanks. Yeah, it needs some work and isn’t a truly restored one, but it is an amazingly clean for $4500. 331 stroker with probably one of the smoothest idles I’ve ever seen.