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  1. Nickp

    ICYMI: Good look at 2 Door Bronco trunk size / cargo space

    Gotta mount a hi lift I keep going back and forth too. I think if I’m being honest with myself I’ll end up with the 4 door just for the ability to sleep in it. I sleep in my vehicle all the time whether it’s hunting, off road trip, or just a camping weekend. It can get super windy in Northern...
  2. Nickp

    Vinyl seats in daily driver

    Ugh... no fun there.
  3. Nickp

    Vinyl seats in daily driver

    What is humidity?
  4. Nickp

    Vinyl seats in daily driver

    I’m thinking mid package for remote start will come in clutch with leather and vinyl. Who cares if your seat is hot or cold if the AC starts working 2 or 3 minutes before you even get in?
  5. Nickp

    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    I mean I don’t see why not. There are plenty of corvette C4’s still driving around. Are the electronics the best thing ever? Definitely not lol. But they still work fine for the most part. Bronco will only be more durable and reliable. BTW best car ad ever is for the C4 corvette that shows off...
  6. Nickp

    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    100% agreed. Bronco is a splurge that probably isn’t the best financially but it’s a car I can keep for easily 20 years, and work on building equity in my condo once I’m done paying it off. I wouldn’t buy one if I was intending on buying another property anytime soon.
  7. Nickp

    Anybody else getting over the initial hype?

    I am really hoping my pay goes to normal sooner rather than later. I am trending to make about $10k less this year than I did last year (covid bonus cuts) and could’ve really used that money to pay off some renovations and get my condo refinanced. (A refi to my condo right now would save me...
  8. Nickp

    Door panel accessories

    I don’t think it’s necessarily configuration “options” more so that you’re free to disassemble it without worry about breaking something. Which leads to creativity about what you can add. I’m definitely thinking a 3D printer will be a great accessory for the bronco to build your own ideas.
  9. Nickp

    4 cylinder 4 door? Really?

    Short block replaced at 15k?? Jeez. Must’ve been a manufacturing defect. At least it showed up early!
  10. Nickp

    Soft Top

    Totally agree with this sentiment. The hard top is way more practical but a soft top is way cheaper and easier to get aftermarket. I would only get one that covers the top too, if I’m running the soft top I have no need for rear windows.
  11. Nickp

    Drove a crew cab 4wd Ranger today

    A few months ago I did a pretty thorough search through a few 2015+ F-150 forums and not a single person has reported having to replace a starter in an ASS equipped vehicle.
  12. Nickp

    Videos & pics: Even more Bronco prototypes converge on Moab + Rock Crawling Videos

    Our first Bronco6G Moab meetup is going to be fun as hell. Can’t wait! Cinco De Bronco maybe?
  13. Nickp

    Bronco Picatinny Rail GoPro Camera or Phone Mount Accessory (Ford Approved) on sale....

    Looks like it has both. Curious if it’s “to-spec” or slightly different. Pretty sweet if they’re going with a known standard though. I’m gonna need one of these if so
  14. Nickp

    Jeep Gladiator vs Defender Vs 4Runner vs old defender

    The only the about the gladiator is adding a manual trashes the tow rating. Auto tow package is like 7500 manual is like 4K. So awful.
  15. Nickp

    Jeep Gladiator vs Defender Vs 4Runner vs old defender

    It’s lifted on 35’s and a rubicon so it breezes through.
  16. Nickp

    Ford’s New Podcast, “Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story”

    This is super fun. Definitely worth a listen!
  17. Nickp

    Drove a crew cab 4wd Ranger today

    Basically yes. They “learn” how you drive and it starts to anticipate your next move almost. It can be good or bad, from what I’ve read and heard there have been teething issues but overall people like the 10 speed. Here’s a thread on some problems over on the mustang forum...
  18. Nickp

    Jeep Gladiator vs Defender Vs 4Runner vs old defender

    Defender STRUGGLED on this holy cow. I have actually defended the Defender over the past few months because it’s stated numbers were actually pretty decent. I take all that back. This thing is less off-road worthy than my 2005 explorer was.
  19. Nickp

    Video: 2021 Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Crawling Back-to-Back at Moab

    Yeah on the JL forums there are a bunch of people saying the Bronco is less capable than the Defender.... which just doesn’t even make sense no matter which number you’re looking at. I think they’re scared lol. To be fair though, there are people in that thread saying they’re surprised with how...