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  1. Pic of the Day: 2021 Bronco Lends Jeep a Friendly Tow

    That Bikini Pearl is gorgeous on the Rubicon. Wish something similar was offered on the Bronco and it’s a shame they dropped it for the Wrangler.
  2. X-Plan Pricing & Usage

    Gotcha I thought I saw on other forums that it was for members as well. Probably going to go the Mustang Club route after I find out if my dealer is honoring it.
  3. Pics: Bronco Battle Scars From Completing Rubicon Trail

    Yes the yellow 2 door has the base lights. You can see it in the Redline Reviews video and a bunch of other photos on here. Pretty sure it was the same one that was playing on the dunes.
  4. X-Plan Pricing & Usage

    Has anyone with a AAA membership gotten their pin through that? Was curious what that process is like.
  5. Ambient lighting option

    I have a feeling it might be due to robustness but that could be wrong. If the whole interior is gonna be able to be washed out it makes one less thing that has to be water proof. Or maybe it’s just to save cost lol.
  6. Ambient lighting option

    I’m pretty sure they distinctly said they’re not doing lighting in the center console. On my Fiesta it is on the cup holders, passenger side dashboard (removed on later models) back of center console, and foot wells for the front. If I had to guess it may be the back of the center console and...
  7. Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    If you look at the spec sheet that compares all of the models you'll see it says "high level" (or something along those lines) for the gauge cluster on the upper trims and 8" LCD for the lower trims.
  8. Videos of Bronco Badlands Sasquatch Show Roof Panel Removed With Roof Rails Installed & Rear Fold Down Seats

    Have we seen pictures/videos of the gauge cluster the Base, Big Bend, & BD have yet? Seems like only ones so far have been Outerbanks and up.
  9. 2021 Bronco Options and Equipment by Trim [Comparison Chart]

    As others have mentioned the Dual Zone Climate Control and Intelligent Access (2 things which are very important to me personally) should be an option for the Black Diamond. The only thing is they aren’t listed as options for it on the comparison and are for the Badlands. Has any explanation for...
  10. Long Island Broncos

    Joining the group as well! Ordered 4 door Black Diamond (skier so it seemed fitting + options I wanted) from Hempstead Ford. Not much word from them however.
  11. Velocity Blue Bronco WILL be available, as late availability color

    Anyone wish they offered Nitrous Blue like the Focus RS? I was hoping for a really light blue or metallic Grabber blue but this seems darker.
  12. Retrofitting LED Accented Lighting

    The ones that go around the headlights and through the grille. Along with the LED taillights.
  13. Retrofitting LED Accented Lighting

    Ditto, if the LED headlights weren’t standard then I may think to make the step up but figured the aftermarket would also have options. Other gripe is no option of B&O sound system but I’m sure the aftermarket will take care of that too. Or Ford will make both of these purchasable as accessories.
  14. Retrofitting LED Accented Lighting

    What do we think the odds of the LED lighting package from the Badlands and Outerbanks will be able to be retrofitted to the lower tier models? I know the Wrangler’s taillights are plug and play from halogen to LED but the headlights need an extra wire. Really like the look of the LED accents...
  15. Ordering date is 12/7. Sasquatch package price estimated to be $3000 to $3500

    Is it confirmed that you need auto for it? That’s a big bummer if so. Although I get why.
  16. Is automatic climate control an option on Black Diamond?

    I was looking at the comparison for all of the trims I saw that you can get the Black Diamond with the Mid package that includes automatic climate control. However when you look at the specs for the individual model it doesn’t list it as an option unlike the Badlands does. Is this just a...