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  1. Moab Treat For 4-Door Bronco Sasquatch Fans (Steep Climb & Descent Action)

    Been watching these videos of the 6th gen wheeling. Really wonder how the non-Badlands models with Sasquatch package would fare on these same trails? From the looks of it, the Badlands has plenty front travel.
  2. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    A nice medium gray, not too dark where you have to worry about dirt showing up constantly.
  3. Bronco Marine Grade Vinyl Interior CGI Sneak Peek

    And cost effective. Physical shoots are becoming a thing of the past, they’re a lot more expensive than going through VFX. Seats look cool, but this is all still very much preliminary stuff until we get a BYB visualizer/tool.
  4. 2021 Bronco Ride Along Event (Next Week) – Submit Your Questions!

    @Administrator Why aren’t Area 51 and Cactus Gray available on Base?
  5. First Videos of 2021 Ford Bronco on Rubicon Trail (+ More Pics)

    Not enough evidence to put down the Bronco on the rocks. Just not enough photographic evidence to backup their claim. Which nullifies their judgement, in my view. Personally, I wouldn’t risk my vehicle on a trail like the Rubicon. Even my gf’s brother-in-law who has a highly modified JKU won’t...
  6. "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    It has some semblance of a military background: Ford WWII GP & M151 Mutt.
  7. "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    interesting info. But dealers are sales partners, not customers. No consumers = no dealers.
  8. "Guard Green" on 2021 F150, why not Bronco?

    Color palette on the MY21 Bronco is lacking excitement. There are only three legitimately unique colors available, one of them with a faint green. I don’t get it 🤷‍♂️
  9. Carbonized Gray Paint Thread

    There are only two grays for the ‘21 F150; Carbonized Gray and Stone Gray per Ford’s media site indicates Carbonized Gray on the same F150 seen in the above videos.
  10. Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    Probably. My original comment is centered on the Rubicon trail, which is notorious for vehicle damage. I’m interested to see the indicators of how the Bronco does.
  11. Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    That’s hilarious, the OP on FB said they had just left the parking lot headed towards the trail.
  12. Pics: 2021 Broncos on the Rubicon Trail

    Good grief, these are just prototypes people. Real question is, is what will these rigs look like once they’ve completed the trail?
  13. What colors would you like to see for the Bronco in the future?

    I would really like to know and understand the “why” behind Base Bronco not recieving these colors. The JL Wrangler can be had in any color regardless of trim, including the Sport, which is their Base. 🤷‍♂️
  14. What colors would you like to see for the Bronco in the future?

    Bring back some classics: Boxwood Green and Bahama Blue.
  15. Ford Update: Bronco Build & Price coming in **SEPTEMBER** with ordering in December

    “Reservations” are a tool for generating hype and extra cash. Popularized by everyone’s favorite billionaire, Elon Musk via Tesla. Also seems to create this illusion that people are receiving something unique or personalized, which they really aren’t.
  16. Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    Here’s the problem: if it’s too expensive, the take rate will be low and Ford will end up selling something that no one is buying. Obviously, it’s all speculative at this point. “Just sayin’.”
  17. Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    From the looks of it, vinyl floor is exclusive to BD and BL. Its a bummer, but not a deal-breaker (for me). Might just have to cough up to get a BD, which is almost “just right.” 35s are super necessary though. The way some people are reacting to a brand new model with what is essentially...
  18. Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    Spoke with a Bronco Specialist at a dealer last Sunday who said minimum he expects Sasquatch package to come in at $2kish, which is pretty reasonable IMO.